Precognition - The scientific view

Telepathy is therefore the simultaneous exchange of information between subject A and B within the fields of consciousness of the biological reality (or also within the field of consciousness of the EC-reality). In order to explain the phenomenon called precognition we have to proceed as follows: Step 1: Subject A and B move from the biological reality to the timeless EC-reality (whether at the same time or at different times matters not). Step 2: An exchange of information takes place in the timeless EC-reality. How can one enter this timeless EC-reality one may ask oneself? The answer comes from numerous meditation systems like Yoga, Zen etc. It does however seem that it is possible for some people, or all people, to also enter this reality through simple, powerful concentration on an object or, as was the case in an attempt in Princeton, on a landscape as it were. 4.0 Practical consequences (comp. [2]) The philosophical consequences of this theory of precognition are extensive. We mostly live under the assumption that coincidences do exist. We believe that the world and human beings came into existence through a coincidence (Jaques Monod, “Zufall und Notwendigkeit”). (Coincidence and necessity) But if only one dimension of our existence exists, given within timelessness, and if we also remain – in a way that is hardly comprehensible to us – at all “times” within this timelessness, coincidences cannot exist, because the future is predetermined through this. This would create a situation where everything that we do has been determined, ergo that we could therefore not have our free will. But this assumption is unacceptable for ethical reasons. Human beings would not be responsible for anything they do. In order to escape this logical dilemma, it is necessary to postulate additional quality-dimensions of our existence. Well, moral dimensions as it were like for instance: harmonious, disharmonious and neutral dimensions. If we adopt this assumption we find the following logic: 1. We live in a world that also has a spaceless and timeless dimension next to the time and space dimension of the biological reality, but also an additional quality dimension. 2. Every one of our decisions of will (thoughts, feelings, actions etc,) predestines our biological reality. There are no coincidences in this case. Everything that happens to us has been caused by us through our thoughts and actions. This is why Buddhism states: “You are what you think”. This is the concept of karma. 3. But we possess our freedom of will in spite of this. We are therefore free to decide for or against something.