The hereafter within us

In their complete form - many experiences contain only some of the following elements - a neardeath experience often consists of a chronological series and reduced frequency of the following sequences: • A heightened awareness with feelings of lightness, wellbeing, peace and bliss. • An out of body experience, whereby the dying suddenly find themselves looking down on their own physical body whilst their rational consciousness uninterruptedly continues to work and at times even undertakes various tests in order to check out this new existence; verifiable optic observations - even by the blind - are often made; all pain disappears during these out of body experiences; one can seemingly walk through physical matter in this state and one can also read the thoughts of those present. • Entrance into a mostly dark, tunnel-like transition zone. • Perception of a mostly white-golden light that radiates infinite love, this can trigger a feeling of the highest bliss in the thus affected; merging with this light can bring about a mystical experience of omniscience / oneness. • Perception of a paradisical landscape. • Encounter with deceased relatives, religious figures or light beings; this brings about a kind of telepathic form of communication whereby the affected is often asked to return. • The return to the body happens - often against the will of the affected - very abruptly most of the time. • The viewing of one’s life film often takes place during these stages, whereby known and unknown details of one’s own life are seen; wherein the affected re-experiences all their words and deeds and their effect on all that are involved, whereby a highly ethical assessment according to the yardstick of love eventuates. • Precognitive elements of one’s own or the global future, that do at times eventuate later, are seen on rare occasions. • An abrogation of the common passage of time takes place, as the short near-death experience allows one to experience much more than the time that is available. Positive near-death experiences consistently dominate in Christian orientated industrial countries. • But every tenth experience has however a negative or mixed negative-positive content. What mainly happens after the out of body and tunnel phase is the entrance into a dark, hellish world where demons and other sinister figures condemn, threaten or even attack the experiencer. He sees regions filled with hateful, hitting one another or tormented people who gratify their addictions and bad habits. It can also end up with the entrance into a dark, cold and infinite emptiness from where there seems to be no escape and that threatens one’s very existence. And finally, typical positive near-death experiences can also be experienced in a threateningfrightening manner. All of these negative experiences can however also turn into the above mentioned positive sequences.