Life after physical death

PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet: E-Mail: Translator’s email : Source: Selbstverlag Werner Schiebeler (Wersch-Verlag) Professor Dr. Ph. D Werner Schiebeler Life after physical death The experiences of the deceased Werner Schiebeler, Professor, Dr. rer. nat, born in Bremen in 1923, died in 2006. Studied physics in Göttingen and in 1955 graduated from the Max Planck Institute, Göttingen with his thesis on fluid dynamics. From 19551965 worked in the electrical industry at Standard-Elektrik-Lorenz AG in Pforzheim, seven years as head of a development department for electronic teletext technology. From 1965 lectured physics and electronics at the then State School of Engineering, now University of Applied Sciences, Ravensburg-Weingarten. Appointed professor in 1971and retired in 1983. In addition to the subjects of natural-science and technology, he also taught parapsychology and para-psycho-physics from 1969 onwards at regular special lectures at the University of Applied Sciences, Ravensburg-Weingarten and continued to do so the ensuing years. The author published numerous articles in journals as well as brochure and four books on various para-psychological topics. In addition, he also released a film about the “Paranormal healing methods in the Philippines” at the Institute of Scientific Films in Göttingen. He received the “Ernesto Bozzano Price” from the Associazione Italiana Scientifica Metaphysica in 1974 and the “1st Swiss Price” from the Swiss Foundation for Parapsychology in 1988. Introduction When discussing the question of terrestrial death and the possible survival after, one often uses the idiom: “None of the death has ever returned”. In as far as this statement deals with the permanent return of a person and if one leaves the possibility of reincarnation1 out of the equation, this statement is naturally correct. But some of the deceased that were declared “dead” have returned to Earth for short periods of time on numerous occasions. This happened either in full physical form, amongst other things with so-called materialisation mediums or predominantly through the temporary occupation of the body 1 Reincarnation: The return to Earth in the body of a newborn child, an assumption that Hindus and Buddhists represent, but something that also plays a hypothetical role in parapsychology.

- 2 - of people still living on Earth, people we call psychics. According to experience, the control centre or their human will can under certain circumstances be deactivated to a lesser or higher degree to be replaced by an alien will. This is in certain cases possible with living human beings, namely through the process of so-called hypnosis2. The deceased, so-called “spirit entities”, can in specific cases deactivate the will and the waking consciousness of predisposed people to a lesser of higher degree. In pronounced cases, they are able to utilise the voice boxes and the limbs (for instance the hands) of accordingly talented people (one talks of mediumship = psychic ability) as if they were their own. They can then convey their whole personal knowledge and their linguistic peculiarities to other, living people in this way. According to the level of the deactivation, one talks of a full-trance, semi-trance3 or inspiration. The exact physical and psychological processes taking place during these paranormal events are still unknown to this day. But the English parapsychologist and researcher Findlay4 reports what otherworldly entities could tell him through his medium Sloan (5, P. 214): “Question: What actually happens when you put the medium under your influence and when you use its vocal cords?” (Refers to trance utterances and not to direct voice) “Answer: “When the medium is under control and we want to speak through its vocal cords, we place it in a passive state. It finds itself in this state when it is in a trance. Its spirit has momentarily left the body and it is outside of it. When it is in this condition, we are able to have an effect on its larynx and its vocal cords, its tongue and the muscles of its larynx. We do however not enter the medium but we stand behind it. We can place ourselves into a state or we can harmonise with the medium to a degree where, when our vocal cords move, the mediums also move accordingly. An ethereal or psychic link eventuates, whatever one likes to call it, that has the same effect on the muscles of the medium as one tuning fork has on another tuning fork, when both of them are attuned to the same pitch. This is how the two voice systems work in accordance with one another. There is no question that the messages are somehow influenced by the spirit of the medium, because its spirit plays no role whatsoever in this. We do not work through its spirit, but directly through its vocal cords5. Everything that is transmitted is exactly the way it is formulated by the spirit of the ethereal being. The spirit and the brain of the medium are momentarily deactivated and the spiritual organiser supervises the muscles of the medium’s vocal cords.” The external processes of trance-speaking and trance-writing (often called automatic writing) and those of full and partial materialisations have already been extensively dealt with in the two books “Der Tod, die Brücke zu neuem Leben” (17) and “Aus der jenseitigen Welt” (18). These narrations deal with the appearance of the varied influences that flow from the after death realm of existence to our Earth. They show that our physical world is not the only form of existence. These apparitions provide the experience based proof that terrestrial death is certainly not the end of life and they indicate that a subsequent, ethereal life in another, differently constructed world exists. Ever since people existed here on Earth, large portions of mankind have been convinced that an exchange of information between the two spheres is possible and that one can receive advice and even physical help from deceased ancestors or higher spirits from the other world. Native tribes in particular make ample use of this when hunting, during warfare and when solving crimes. This made it possible for them to better master their fight for survival. The knowledge of these things was largely lost by Europe’s more civilised people. The modern spiritism that appeared in the 19th century as a practical application for making contact with the world 2 Hypnosis (Greek hypnos = sleep) is the effective deactivation of the normal waking consciousness and the decision-making ability through the persuasion of another person, ergo a comprehensive subjugation under the will of the hypnotist. 3 Trance: (Also called “Trans” by many authors, Latin trans – beyond) is a specific state whereby the control of one’s will over one’s body is suspended and one’s waking consciousness is deactivated. 4 Arthur J. Findlay: 1883 – 1964, English author, justice of peace and parapsychological researcher who worked with the English medium John C. Sloan (1870 – 1951) through direct voice. 5 This doesn’t generally apply. Other forms of trance utilise the spirit (the brain) and not the muscles of the medium.

- 3 - of the hereafter raised the interest of inquisitive people, showing that beings from a different sphere of existence could sometimes provide practical help for one’s daily life and this not just through more or less practical advice, but also through impressive interventions in the life of individual people or provide very valuable information. Two examples should back this up: During the middle of the 19th century, a Dr. med. Bernhard Cyriax who was born in Germany, lived in Cleveland, Ohio USA. He was a professor at a medical college at that time. Initiated by a haunting experienced (1848) by the family Cox in the village of Hydesville in the State of New York, USA, modern Spiritism started to spread to a relatively high degree. Meaning that attempts were made at many locations in America, and a little later also in Europe, to make contact with the world of the hereafter via psychically gifted people. This produced the most peculiar paraphysical apparitions the like I described in the book “Aus der jenseitigen Welt” (18). The question of the genuineness of these apparitions started a bitter struggle between opponents and supporters already in those days. Dr. Cyriax initially belonged to the former. He maintained that Spiritism was a deception (3, P. 64) and he thought that the time had come to look into these processes and to expose the deception in order to prevent its dissemination. This is why he started to visit spiritistic meetings from 1853 onwards. He started with the circle of a married couple, the Morrill (3, P. 67) whereby Mrs. Morrill was a good medium for physical phenomena and trance-transmissions. Dr. Cyriax was allowed to thoroughly search the whole house and the meeting room, but he found nothing that could serve the fraudulent production of apparitions. In spite of his marked scepticism and caution, he experienced quite astonishing telekinetic processes during his first participation at their meetings and they elicited great astonishment. Besides, his deceased half-sister Amanda Cyriax announced her presence in writing through the medium. She was able to answer very specific questions by giving accurate details about family relationships (3, P. 71). She wrote in German, something the American medium was unable to read. This and other proclamations convinced Dr. Cyriax after only a few meetings that the spiritistic processes he experienced could not be trickery or deception and that no stage magic was involved. Besides, some of his own psychic abilities soon became apparent. These had a favourable effect during his numerous participations at materialisation meetings later and they eventually led to an experience that saved his life. During a moment of extreme danger outside of a meeting, two phantoms materialised to help him. Cyriax reports (3, P. 135): “It was, if I remember correctly, shortly after New Year in 1869 when I returned home in a terrible storm between 11pm and 12pm and went to bed. I don’t know how long I had been sleeping when I suddenly felt my little dog licking my face, it whined anxiously and it tried to scratch the blanket off of me, well it tried to wake me up. I felt quite unwell, this felt like a heavy weight on my chest. I felt that something extraordinary, something damaging to me had entered. My head alone was so heavy that I was unable to get up and I lost consciousness. I was suddenly lifted up and wrenched from my bed by two strong men who hauled me down the long corridor to an open window, they constantly jogged and shook me and finally led me to a water main where they held my head under a tap and allowed to cold water to wash over me. I was completely without will and subjected myself to all these manipulations without resistance, even though I couldn’t comprehend the meaning of all of this. I was then advised to drink some water and once I had done so, I had to vomit violently. The stupor I had been in finally lifted. I knew that the house was filled with smoke and gas and that I had been close to being asphyxiated. I now looked at both men more closely and to my astonishment recognised that my protective spirits, Hans Alexander from Alvensleben and Guillemot Mazarin had abled-bodily aided me in a fully materialised state. I now received information from them about what had taken place: As it was the norm with the Steward Stove utilised in those days, I had placed a number of large bituminous pieces of coal in the stove before going to bed and once they had started to burn relatively well, I poured a box full of little pieces of coal, sieved from the ash and wetted, into the stove until it was full and as I always did, I left the door open. The storm broke the iron cap in the

- 4 - chimney and it solidly closed the opening so that no gas or smoke could escape, it therefore had to fill the room. My dog, who sensed the danger, wanted to wake me up, but I was already no longer capable of awakening from my stupefaction and I would surely have been asphyxiated if my spirit friends had not made an effort by materialising and by physically dragging me into the fresh air. My dog had run after us and when he saw me looking at him, he came and jumped up at me howling and whimpering. I took him into my arm and praised him for trying to save my life. He seemed to be well aware of the danger, because he whimpered and nestled close to me, he licked my face and hands. ‘Go quickly to your room’ said Hans Alexander ‘and open the window, douse the fire and fetch your canary. He is lying benumbed at the bottom of his cage, but if you bring him out into the fresh air, he will recuperate’. I found the bird exactly as described, I hung the cage somewhere outside and he recuperated very soon. I now suddenly experienced a severe chill and I became aware that I stood in a draft in a sodden shirt without any other clothing so I expressed my concerns that I might catch an illness. But my spirit visitors and lifesavers calmed me down by assuring me that I was completely under their influence and that they would arrest any adverse reaction of my body. I did as they requested and vigorously rubbed my whole body with a Turkish towel, changed into a dry shirt and went back to bed, they requested me to leave the window open in spite of the storm and the cold and after a few magnetic strokes I was soon asleep. Anyhow, they had managed to produce a severe reaction, because when I woke up the next morning, I was sweating severely, but apart from feeling weak and somewhat dazed in my head, I felt quite well. I hereby pass the description of the effects of this energy to my dear readers the way it has true and truly happened in January in 1869 at my flat at 130 Ontario St, Cleveland Ohio. I gave this description without embellishment, but also without leaving anything out and I leave it up to the readers to make their own judgment about it. One thing I am certain about is that these manifestations and the previously described facts are based on actual manifestations and were not produced as conjured up, plastic hallucinations by my psyche, because the smell of smoke and gas, the open window and my canary in another room observed the following day, as well as the wet shirt and the collapse cap on my chimney bore witness to it.” Next to further experiences and events, Dr. Cyriax also describes the following whereby a person living here on Earth has been spared from suffering great damage through the intervention by otherworldly entities. At the beginning of his spiritual activities, Dr. Cyriax was invited by the painter Lanning to a so-called developing circle. He was dealing with a group of participants that wanted to develop some of their own psychic abilities. Amongst the already advanced mediums was a Mrs. French. Dr. Cyriax reports about her (3, P. 82): “Let us recall a highly curious, directly life-invasive event. During a meeting one afternoon, Mrs. French once again received a sudden message from the spirit of her daughter that made her get up and catch the next train to Philadelphia, because she had to prevent a conflagration at the hotel where she usually lodged when in town and that belonged to a very special friend of hers. She didn’t know what she could do, but as per usual, she abided by the wishes of her spirit guides and therefore didn’t hesitate to depart immediately. The result showed that without her intervention, her friend would have lost house and home. She arrived at 8pm and immediately informed the hotelier about her assignment without actually being able to provide details. She acted completely according to the inspirations she received from her spirit guides and she demanded to be shown around the hotel. During her passage through the various storeys, she stopped outside a small chamber that had been established under a set of stairs and indicated that this is where the fire was going to be lit. When by chance one of the servants walked across the yard, she indicated that this was the man that would commit the crime. At around 11pm, Mrs. French, the hotelier and two policemen went to a chamber that was located directly opposite. This is where they remained in darkness and complete silence until just after midnight, when they heard somebody silently creep up the stairs and then opened the door. After a few minutes had passed, the medium indicated that it was time to act. The lights were switched on and both policemen jumped out of the chamber and grabbed the man as he was closing the door. It

- 5 - was indeed the servant that had been fired by the hotelier and he wanted to revenge himself for having been dismissed by starting a fire. He had filled a basket with wood shavings, poured petrol on it and placed it under the stairs, they were already well alight when they opened the door. As this part of the house contained the hotelier’s flat and therefore was not frequented by many, this chap had calculated quite correctly that the fire could easily spread and that by the time it was discovered, help could not come quick enough to save the house. How could the medium in Baltimore possible have knowledge about these processes? It wasn’t reading somebody’s thoughts, because the medium would have had to have been with the servant! We have a case of pre-cognition of future events here; but I naturally assume that the spirits that control Mrs. French had contact to her friend in Philadelphia through her and that they actually became aware of the preliminary preparations of the servant and now encouraged the medium to go to the location where this was going to take place and to prevent this crime from happening with her gift of clairvoyance.” As a more recent example I would like to tell you about an event that took place in January 1988 and that has still not been resolved, it provides very powerful evidence of the personal survival of a specific person who had lived on this Earth until 1951. Such evidence always brings with it the difficulty of how a deceased can actually verify his or her continued existence and identity. As this specific person can no longer appear in physical form here on Earth, we can only use the continuity of his memory, his knowledge, his mental abilities and the presentation of the structure of his personality. Part of his mental abilities can for instance be his scientific and artistic abilities with their specific personal characteristics, but also the art of playing excellent chess. The latter and also numerous and arduously verified details from his life help to verify the spiritual survival of the former Hungarian Grandmaster of Chess who died in 1951. (Image on the left) We are dealing with the following: The Swiss Dr. Wolfgang Eisenbeiss, whom I have personally known for a long time, is not only a chess player, but also interested in questions of parapsychology and the survival after death. A number of years ago, he became acquainted with the psychically gifted German musician and composer Robert Rollans (born 1916) who was proficient in automatic writing. He can make contact with deceased human beings and he can write down their messages via his paranormally controlled hand. Dr, Eisenbeiss now entertained the idea of whether it would be possible to arrange a chess game by correspondence between a deceased grandmaster of chess and a still living grandmaster of chess via the medium Rollans who was not a chess player and who wouldn’t even know how to arrange the chess pieces correctly on the board. If this would succeed and if a game of chess of a high level of proficiency would ensue, it would surely provide the evidence that the medium itself – consciously or subconsciously – would not be seen as the actual chess player. The course of play and the finer points and messages of a personal and up to now unknown nature that could possibly arise could bring the hoped for evidence of identity. Géza Mároczy (1870-1951), former Hungarian Grandmaster of Chess. Viktor Kortschnoi, Russian Grandmaster of Chess.

- 6 - Dr. Eisenbeiss handed Robert Rollans a list of dozens of deceased eminent grandmasters of chess with the plea and the assignment, to find out through his otherworldly connection, whether one of them could be found that was willing to play a chess game by correspondence with a grandmaster of chess here on Earth? Rollans otherworldly spirit guides managed to locate the Hungarian grandmaster of chess Géza Mároczy who died in 1951 and he was prepared to play such a game. On the 15th of June 1985, Rollans psychically wrote on behalf of his otherworldly friends: “Dear friend! We are already waiting for you to begin. We finally managed to bring Géza Mároczy with us. Because we are just beginning, there are two of us involved. We will mediate. But he will initially try to personally write with your hand. And here he is…” The following was written in German: “I am Mároczy Géza. I greet you.” (See below) Eisenbeiss managed to convince the Russian grandmaster of chess Viktor Kortschnoi to become the terrestrial opponent of the otherworldly chess player. He had lived in Switzerland for some time. He had been a challenger of the Russian Karpow at the World Chess Championship twice (1978 and 1981). The latter was however the winner of these World Championships. The chess game by correspondence between Mároczy and Kortschnoi began in 1985. It ran as follows, a small plug-in chess board was always set up in the flat of the medium Rollans showing the current state of the game. The otherworldly Géza Mároczy orientated himself by this chessboard, considered his next move, and informed the medium through writing with his hand. The latter redirected the message to Dr. Eisenbeiss in St. Gallen who in turn informed Viktor Kortschnoi. Kortschnoi now informed Eisenbeiss about his next move who directed his message back to Rollans. The latter then physically carried out the move on the small chessboard and this allowed the spirit of Mároczy to plan his next move and the whole thing started over again. As Kortschnoi and Rollans were still very busy professionally, carrying out one move often took weeks or months. Rollans and Kortschnoi didn’t know one another, had never seen one another and didn’t have a direct connection to one another. Dr. Eisenbeiss delineated the process as follows (4, P. 21): “As a parapsychologist in the specific field of research into life after death, I have been toying with the idea of arranging a chess game between a living and a deceased grandmaster of chess. It is due to the motivation of the Swiss dentist from Uri, Dr. Waldhorn that I finally tried to put the experiment into practice. It was and is my determination to verify the survival of death on hand of Psychic writing through the hand of R. Rollans at the start of the game of chess with the otherworldly Mároczy Géza on the 15th of June 1985.

- 7 - evidence within the framework of scientific criteria. Robert Rollans 71, was gratuitously at my disposal as a mediator and medium. I tested the psychic, automatic writing abilities of this German musician of Bohemian heritage years ago and this produced positive results. Rollans, who understands nothing about chess, received the assignment to find an opponent for Kortschnoi amongst a group of deceased grandmasters in the hereafter. Kortschnoi obligingly agreed a priory to participate in the experiment free of charge. Rollans eventually “found” Géza Mároczy who was happy to play his part after his guardian angel and spirit guides had given their consent and this in their endeavour to have people deal with the fact of life after death to a greater degree. After my request, Mároczy gave me at partial, but very detailed account about himself that filled more than 40 pages. Based on this I came up with 39 questions that the Hungarian historian Lazlo Sebestyew could answer after 70 hours of research (I naturally didn’t give him the “background” and pretended to write an essay about Mároczy). Mároczy’s living children - both of them over 80 years old now – substantially help him. The astonishing thing about it: The answers basically coincided with the core of Mároczy account. The differences within the insignificant speak for the genuineness of the process, ergo confute the objection for instance that the medium drew Mároczy’s account from his still living children. I asked Mároczy via the medium whether he could remember a chess game with a certain Romi. I had actually selected a game from Mároczy’s career that he had played with a completely insignificant opponent, but that on the other hand included a jewel of a classic movement. The game against Romi, played in San Remo in 1930, was exactly the right one. The hopeless state of play with Mároczy in white: White: Kh2, Dh6, Te1, Tg6, pawns a2, e7, f4, g2, h3 Black: Ke8, Db2, Td2, Th8, Lc8, pawns a7, b7, c6 The winner of the tournament Aljechin also believed that Mároczy (white) was lost, but this was followed by his unique, studied 41th move (Mároczy won with 41 Dh 5!). But we hear how Mároczy can still remember it, whereby those details are to be appreciated that hardly a living soul would know about. Mároczy initially indicated that Romi had written his name with an ‘h” at the end. But then said: ‘I had a childhood friend by the name of Romih who beat me in those days. I adored him very much, but I no longer saw him after. But decades later, at the tournament in San Remo in 1930 – who surprisingly appeared there? It is my old friend Romih. And it happened thus that I played one of the most exiting games of my career. There were moments where not only those that followed the game had given up on me, but even myself thought I was lost, even though I have always been an optimist. But I suddenly had this good idea and won the match. Aged 60, I was able to gain my revenge for a game I had lost against Romih in my youth. I eventually ended up in 9th place at this tournament that was won by Aljechin, whilst my friend Romih came 16th and last…’ All of this was put to paper via the hand of the medium by the otherworldly entity, through a medium that had no understanding of chess or its history. It was Mároczy’s wish that the carried out experiment is reported about even before the end of the game with Kortschnoi. The course of the game to this point, whereby it must be said that the quality of the game is of subordinate importance from the point of view of the experiment, was as follows: Mároczy (died 1951) – Kortschnoi French 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Sc3 Lb4 4. e5 c5 5. a3 Lxc3+ 6. bxc3 Se7 7. Dg4 cxd4 8. Dxg7 Tg8 9. Dxh7 Dc7 10. Kd 1 dxc3 11. Sf3 Sbc6 12. Lb5 Ld7 13. Lxc6 14. Lg5 d4 15. Lxe7 Kxe7 16. Dh4+ Ke8 17. Ke2 Lxf3+ 18. gxf3 Dxe5+ 19. De4 Dxe4+ 20. fxe4 f6 21. Tad1 e5 22. Td3 Kf7 23. Tg3 Tg6 24. Thg1 Tag8 25. a4 Txg3 26. fxg3 b6 27. h4 a6. I will depict the whole event – here is but a fragment - more elaborately at the end of the game and subject it to a critical assessment. Dr. W. Eisenbeiss”

- 8 - Kortschnoi’s commentary about that part of the game on that day given to the Zurich “Sunday Paper” on the 13th of September 1987 was as follows: “I won a pawn at the start and thought that the game would soon be finished. Mároczy revealed his weaknesses in the opening phase. He played old-fashioned. I must however confess that my last moves were not very convincing. I was no longer certain that I could win this game. Mároczy compensated for the mistake he made in the opening phase through a strong endplay. A player’s aptitude shines through at the end of a game and my opponent played very well.” The last move for a while, the 27th move took place in September 1987. A longer pause set in and the reason for it was that the medium Rollans moved house and then had to live away from his place of residence for business reasons. The game then progressed and had reached the 43rd move by the 1th of August 1991. Dr. Eisenbeiss recorded the following moves: 28. g4 b5 29. axb5 axb5 30. Kd3 Kg6 31. Tf1 Th8 32. Th1 Th7 33. Ke2 Ta7 34. Kd3 Ta2 35. Tf1 b4 36. h5+ Kg5 37. Tf5+ Kxg4 38. h6 b3 39. h7 Ta8 40. cxb3 Th8 41. Txf6 Txh7 42. Tg6+ Kf4 43. Tf6+ Kortschnoi, black, played his 43rd move. Eisenbeiss had this to say: “Looking closer, one saw that Kotschnoi’s position was considerably better. He had one rook and three pawns available for the end game, whilst Mároczy had one rook and two pawns. I assumed that the game will be over within a few moves, but I will not pre-empt the game in any way. A comprehensive analysis after the game will then reveal the whole progress of the game.” The next moves were: 44. Tf1 Th2 45. Td1 Kf3 46. Tf1+ Tf2 47. Txf2+ Kxf2 Mároczy conceded the game on the 11th of February 1993 after the 47th move. He had the king and two pawns left for a possible move. Kortschnoi on the other hand three pawns beside the king (see below) with the opportunity to soon exchange one of them for the queen. This would have won him the game. This “otherworldly’ game of chess started on the 11th of June 1985 and lasted exactly seven years and eight months. The end of the chess game also constituted the end of the medium Robert Rollans. Death took him from this Earth on the 2nd of March 1993. The medium Robert Rollans Robert Rollans, the son of a German doctor, was born on the 29th of January 1914 in Campina, the borough 21 in Bukarest. He went to a music college and worked as a composer. He was employed by End result after the 47th move by black. (From: “Schäbische Zeitung”, No. 255, 4. 11. 2000)

- 9 - the Rumanian military during WWII. He relocated to Germany in 1971 with a tourist visa. I myself visited the medium on the 29th of July 1988 at his flat in Niedersachsen in Bad Pyrmont and I asked him about his sentiments during the psychic dealings and transmissions with Géza Mározcy in regards to the game of chess against Viktor Kortschnoi. He gave me the following answer: “During my psychic dealings with the hereafter two conditions arise: The first one is the half-trance, something I am accustomed to, whereby I remember nothing after and where Mározcy does the writing through my hand, thereby bringing his thoughts to paper. This is usually the case and I have gotten used to it over the years. The other condition is however new and it happened for the first time during the game of chess. It consists in that Mározcy contemplates the various variants of possible movements during the game. He then calls me inside of me and shows me the various possibilities, something that I would normally not understand, because I have never played chess in my life. I then sit in front of a chess board and Mározcy shows me mentally how he could move the figures. My sentiment is then a clear understanding of Mározcy’s contemplations, whereby he explains his moves and the possible counter moves of Kortschnoi as if I was a great chess player. These sentiments last for minutes as Mározcy explains his contemplations to me. Once he has left me, I sit disconcerted in front of the chess board and I no longer understand the whole game and Mározcy’s moves. I also no longer remember the details Mározcy told me. All that is left is the memory that I had understood everything with ease a short time ago. To continue the game, Mározcy calls me telepathically and he writes the letter-number combinations the figures have to move through my hand. I then give this information either in writing or by telephone to Dr. Eisenbeiss. When not dealing with the game of chess, it can happen that I psychically write about the most varied themes for three to five hours uninterrupted and fill up to 12 A4 pages per hour with text. I can however never see my otherworldly informers, not paranormally either. Some of the informers, for instance my father, write in their own style, different from my hand writing. My psychic ability appeared for the first time at age 33. My seven years younger brother, he past away in the meantime, participated at the spiritistic meetings of a psychically gifted mathematics professor at that time. One day, my brother took me with him to such a meeting. I didn’t believe in these things but I accompanied him out of curiosity. There were about 12 people present and they observed the so-called ‘moving glass’ whereby the medium, the mathematics professor, moved a small glass back and forth on an alphabet board. The medium was able to give certain information about all the participants. When my turn came, the following message came through: “We know that you are composing an ‘Ave Maria’. What you have produce so far does not suffice. Even the greatest composers have written such little ‘Ave Marias’. For you to add one more makes no sense, because it can certainly not be better than the others. We advise you to turn your little ‘Ave Maria’ into a large one, adapted to a large orchestra with an important opera singer. Something like this has not been written so far.” I completely changed my mind about death, the hereafter and life after death from this moment on. The fact that no terrestrial human being beside myself, my parents neither, knew that I was composing an ‘Ave Maria’ caused me to change my mind. It became clear to me at that time, that Robert Rollans (born 29. 01. 1914, died 02. 03. 1993) on 27. 07. 1988 in his flat in Bad Pyrmont.

- 10 - an alien power had entered the picture and that a life in the hereafter existed. I excluded telepathy from the equation, because I had fearfully concentrated on this process and had no idea at that time that my ‘Ave Maria’ was not up to scratch and that I should write another one. I participated at two or three meetings with the professor after. About half a year later I wanted to write a letter late one evening. With a pen in hand, I sat in front of a piece of paper and wanted to start with writing. I felt how an alien force took control of my hand and it started to write. It wrote down the following words: ‘Don’t be afraid, it is I, your brother Robi.’ – He had past away eight years ago and he had been a very young doctor. I was deeply impressed by the message he sent through my hand but I was also filled with extreme trepidation, because I had not known up to then, that one could also write automatically. The psychically gifted mathematics professor had only used the moving glass method. Out of fear, I would never have dared to write psychically. But my brother calmed me down and wrote: ‘think of nothing and allow your hand free reign.’ He then took command of my hand and continued with writing: ‘I am your deceased brother and I will tell you many things about us and the world of the hereafter. You must often be prepared to write and I will tell you lots of things from up here.’ This was the beginning of my psychic activity, it had started with a great shock and great fears, because I am a timid kind of person. My anxieties did however disappear completely later because three deceased doctors, a very eminent historian and linguist called Hasdeu and his daughter, who had lived in Paris and had died at a young age, made contact with me. After my father had passed away, he was also a doctor, he also joint me. I have received a lot of significant psychic messages in the meantime.” When I visited Robert Rollans in his flat at that time, he played the Ave Maria he had composed on his piano. I had recorded it on my tape recorder and I played it during my lectures about Mároczy and this game of chess. In regards to Mároczy’s life on Earth, I have to add that as a young man he studied at the “Polytechnicum” in Zurich, now called “Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule”. This is where he learned German. He then finished his Engineering studies in Budapest. He then worked as a professor for mathematics and geometry at a middle school and then on the board of directors of an insurance company. In contrast to other grandmasters of chess, he never played chess as his chief occupation. It did not contribute to his livelihood. This example shows how strong the proof of evidence and experience for the personal spiritual survival of a specific person can be. Animists, those that want to explain that everything is due to the subconscious of the medium, get themselves into trouble if they want to make it plausible that a musician who has never ever played chess could play against a grandmaster of chess with an exacting game. And as a terrestrial human being, where could he have gotten these details of Mároczy’s life from, something Dr. Eisenbeiss had to arduously find out himself? The usual reaction is that one simply does not acknowledge such cases. They then simply do not exist! I have listed a great number of similar reports in the book “Der Tod, die Brücke zu neuem Leben” (17) and I have paid special attention to accurately identify the initiator (the deceased human beings) with the proclamation of otherworldly entities, in order to be able to verify their survival at all. The question in regards to the exact name of the otherworldly reporter and his review does however take a back seat in the following expositions. The reports in this book, in regards to the originator of these reports, have generally not been accurately researched (because it was in most cases not possible) to ascertain with which deceased person one had been demonstrably dealing with. It is here not a case of uncovering past terrestrial family and living conditions, but rather more a case of asking deceased human beings for information about their beyond death existence. The inhabitants of the world of the hereafter are asked to have their say.

- 11 - The deficiency in a terrestrial sense, is in many cases the fact that one doesn’t know from whom in the hereafter a report is actually from and this naturally brings a certain uncertainty to the matter. But this is made even worse because one doesn’t know whether the otherworldly reporter is actually accurately informed himself or whether he only disseminates hearsay or out and out lies. Furthermore, messages from the hereafter can also be influenced by the subconscious or hidden desires of the transmitting medium. One has to know all of this and take it into consideration in order to separate the chaff from the wheat as carefully as possible. Otherworldly entities try in some cases to embellish their messages with specific authority and credibility by adorning themselves with impressive sounding names and titles, even though their massages do not have the corresponding spiritual importance. This happened quite often in the last but one century, namely that “Goethe”, “Schiller” or “Napoleon” announced themselves. The names of deceased film stars and pop singers are used these days. Furthermore, I know mediums that claim that “God” or “Christ” personally speaks through them and they utilise a lot of public advertising. The greatest of care is advised here! In 1983 I received a book titled “Gespräche mit dem Jenseits” from an author from Cologne who introduced herself in an accompanying letter as a “hereafter researcher, writing medium and a lot more”. She wrote in her letter: “I do not believe that you have ever come across a medium of my calibre before – excuse my boastfulness. You will be able to ascertain this after you have read my book.” She furthermore informed me that she could provide evidence of her research into the hereafter at any time of day and asked me to provide her with a certificate for a fee because it would be beneficial for her personally and for the book. I read her book and found that it contained interviews with “famous” deceased personalities that an attentive reader of glossy magazines and television viewer would be familiar with. Amongst them were for instance “Ingrid Bergmann”, “Marilyn Monroe”, “Adolf Hitler”, “Hermann Göring”, “Konrad Adenauer”, “Albert Einstein” etc. – She started an interview with “Mosche Dajan” as follows: Question: I truly no longer remember your name, but I hope that you know that I mean you.” Answer: Kindest regards dear M., yes, I am Mosche Dajan. You have been racking your brain about my name for days. Question: Are you in the Jewish Quarters? Answer: You are indeed well informed. Etc. I wrote to the author Mrs. M. on the 31th of October 1983 that I couldn’t find anything in her book that indicated to me that the personalities she mentioned by name were in fact those people. The things written in the various chapters could have come from anyone and did not constitute evidence of the asserted originators. The style on the other hand actually verified the opposite. The psychic author made one significant mistake in regards to her “otherworldly informant” Jakob Lorber. She introduced him as a Catholic priest and writer and asked him: Question: You were a Catholic priest and you wrote books and edification booklets about religion? Answer: Yes, I was a Catholic priest and I wrote a lot of these books, books I would no longer write these days, because their content can no longer be sustained. Jakob Lorber (1800 – 1864) had indeed been a Catholic, but never a priest. He was a musician and from 1840 onwards a writing medium for religious themes. Amongst other things, he wrote an eleven volume work he called “Das Grosse Evangelium Johannes”.

- 12 - In answer to my letter, Mrs. M. wrote amongst other things that she didn’t resent my rejecting attitude. That I couldn’t help myself thinking like this. But she was able to call upon any deceased person within seconds and that she knew her way around the hereafter the way she knew the flat she lived in. In July 1987, this lady sent me her latest advertising brochure wherein she once again called herself a “researcher into the hereafter” and offered sessions of “regression” into past lives or the future of the present life for the price of DM 200.00. She also promoted her book for DM 33.80 with the following words: “My second book ‘Jenseitsgespräche’, evidence from other dimensions, finally the truth, mention on the radio and in the press, presently the most volatile book, leaves no question about the hereafter unanswered. It also contains regressions and tape recorded voices.” Mrs. M. from Cologne is by far not the only one that offers her services in a boastful manner. One can find columns of adverts in appropriate periodicals sold at kiosks. In my book “Aus der jenseitigen Welt” (18) I already forcefully warned about these types of mediums and the “otherworldly information” and explained that it is impossible to induce all those that have passed away to approach any time one likes. When reviewing “messages from the hereafter” it is one’s first assignment to weed out the kind of descriptions listed above. One measuring stick is the existing character traits of the mediums (for instance a craving for attention or arrogance), the standard of the transmissions, false assertions (see Lorber) and contradictions in regards to what can be middlingly accepted as facts. This for instance include Mrs. M’s. assertion to be able to contact every soul she wants to at a moment’s notice (unless they have already reincarnated on Earth as a new born human being). One may however not expect or demand that all the reports from the world of the hereafter must be congruent or without perceived or real contradictions. This even applies when one assumes that neither the medium nor the otherworldly informer consciously tells an untruth. Let us clarify the situation with the following invented example: Let’s assume that 120 years ago, or even before, “inhabitants” of another solar system had the opportunity to make contact with individuals here on Earth by means of a special process (something akin to telepathy) and to question them about their life, their opinions, their environment and condition here on Earth in general. Let’s furthermore assume that Central Europeans, Eskimos from Greenland, Canadian Indians, Brazilians, people from Tierra del Fuego, African Pygmies and Australian Aboriginals had been amongst them, one could then imagine how different the received reports would have been, even if all those questioned had given subjectively correct answers. If the selected individuals from Earth had also been asked about their knowledge and ideas about God and their religion, one would once again have received very different answers and this each time with the assurance that it was the real truth. On hand of this varied and contradictory information one could not blame the questioners from an “other planet” if they initially had the suspicion that they were simply swindled. – Those amongst us that seek contact with the world of the hereafter are in a similar situation. We cannot simply look at this “land’ at will and travel in it. We can only converse with individual inhabitants of the hereafter via a kind of “telephone connection” (namely through a medium), whilst we cannot, as a rule, see our conversation partner and therefore often do not know whether he really is the one that he professes to be. And the question of whether he tells the truth and not deliberately lies, must be arduously tested as best as we can. From what we can ascertain from reports and from answers given by the deceased, the act of physical death does not make the souls that has passed over omniscient or “Saints”, at best they maintain their established character traits, convictions (also of a religious nature) and their terrestrial knowledge, it certainly doesn’t increase in leaps and bounds. Their knowledge can in fact be reduced after death (but it doesn’t have to be), for instance through the fact that their memory is impaired, something that is often the case with ageing people. Reports from the hereafter should be evaluated these days the way Central Europeans should have assessed travel reports from distant continents 300 years ago. As a rule, one didn’t have to opportunity in those days to verify all these narrations in detail. If one had been able to do so, it would have become clear that a lot of things were exaggerated or distorted or even falsely reported. These travel reports were however not worthless in spite of this. They conveyed certain concepts about the conditions in distant lands to the reader. And if someone intended to emigrate to America and had read or heard three or four reports about this continent beforehand, it would have strengthened his confidence about undertaking such a passage or at least made settling down in a foreign land easier. The fate these individual immigrants in fact experienced would have been very different from one to the other. Some experienced deprivation, adversity and hard labour, others found a tolerable livelihood whilst others gained riches.

- 13 - We must imagine our own fate as human beings in a similarly varied fashion when death throws us into a strange land, whereby our past here on Earth is a determining factor in regards to what our further life’s path and our development in our new home will look like. Remember that the chances of an emigrant’s life in a foreign land here on Earth very much depend on the preparations made for living in a new environment. What is of importance is whether he already knows the language of the new country, whether he familiarised himself with its customs, ways and laws and whether he has an appropriate vocational training. As all of us have to die one day, each of us has the opportunity, if we continue to live after our demise, to compare the diverse narrations of the after death experiences in this book with what is happening to ourself or what we see happening to others. The narrated experiences of people that have passed away before might help a little. But those that approach the whole subject very sceptically, and nobody can blame them for it, should read the following sections with a completely neutral mind and simply store its content away in case they might be able utilise it in the future under certain circumstances. The experience of death and of life after it. – Reports from the deceased In my book “Der Tod, die Brücke zu neuem Leben” I stated that human beings already have s second “body” next to their physical, carnal body whilst on this Earth, namely the astral body (sometimes also called ethereal body, spirit body or something similar). It consists of an invisible, up to now physically indetectable substance and it is normally embedded in the physical body and connected to it via a thin, but very strong cord. This astral body also has a “memory”, wherein all memories of our terrestrial existence are stored in equal measure as within our physical brain. The astral body can separate itself from the unconscious, physical body under life-threatening circumstances. The “experiences” of the astral body can in exceptional cases enter the consciousness of terrestrial people after they have been resuscitated (17, Chapter VII). Such cases have been published in a series of books during the last years. They deal with the “death experiences” of patients that were temporarily clinically dead, ergo they were very close to their final terrestrial demise, but they could be brought back to consciousness and their terrestrial life. Some of these patients were able report about their experiences after in spite of their preceding physical unconsciousness, experiences that have a certain relationship to the world of the hereafter, ergo the after-death regions. Amongst the authors of such books, we find that Dr. Raymond Moody (14) and Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (10) have gained some fame. Their reports give us the impression that terrestrial death is a relatively pleasant experience. Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross writes in her preface to Moody’s book (14, P. 10): “All of these patients experienced the sensation of being lifted out of their physical body and of having experienced a deep feeling of peace and wholeness. Most of them perceived another person that helped them during their transition to a different level of being. Most of them were greeted by relatives they were close to and that had passed away before them, or a religious figure that had played an important part in their life, one that naturally coincided with their own religious convictions.” About the process of the final demise from this Earth, Dr. Kübler-Ross writes in her own book “Über den Tod and das Leben danach” (10, P. 76): “After we have been welcomed by our relatives, our spirit guides and also by guardian angels in the hereafter, we undergo a symbolic transformation that has often been described as a kind of tunnel. Others express this transformation as a river, whilst others express it as a gate, all according to each individual’s relative symbolic value.” A specially distinct example of a near-death experience should be reported about here, because it already shows all the hallmarks of a real death experience. It especially furnishes the first experiences from the after death sphere, the so-called “hereafter”. The rapporteur is Arthur Ford6, an American medium through whom a lot of deceased people have made themselves known. He had the following experience during his own lifetime and he reports (6, P. 215): 6 Arthur Ford, 1896 – 1971, originally a minister of the Christian-Science Community, a very well-known spiritistic medium in the USA since 1924.