Chapter 2 - The Laws Governing Spirit Communication with Material Creation

- 28 - God’s mighty doings. Thus, they are likewise incapable of grasping the true significance of what you encounter in the physical forms of the Tabernacle and the offerings described in the Old Testament. Open your Bible, and I will lead you to an understanding of what it says about the tent of revelation (the Tabernacle) and its furnishings, about sacrificial offerings and the priesthood. “The sole purpose for which all of those directions were issued is indicated in the words: Exodus 29: 42-43: ‘There is to be a regular burnt offering made before God from generation to generation at the entrance of the Tabernacle, where I will enter into communication with you in order to speak with you. There I will communicate with the children of Israel.’ God’s communication with the Israelites was the sole purpose for His building the Tabernacle and giving directions regarding sacrificial offerings. • You know that every spirit requires terrestrial odic force whenever it desires to communicate with material beings in a manner perceptible to terrestrial senses. This is a God-given law that applies to all spirit beings, from God, the highest spirit, to the lowest spirits of the depths. Whenever, therefore, God Himself, or God’s spirits, either at His behest or with His approval, desired to communicate with the Israelites and speak to them, they had to have od of a suitable kind available. • All of the measures taken by Moses at God’s command in the erection of the Tabernacle and in the presentation of the offerings were designed to procure the purest terrestrial od. As terrestrial beings are bearers of terrestrial od, and the od of human beings is a wonderful mixture of the many varieties of the earth’s od, the od required to enable God to speak with man was drawn from a great variety of earthly sources, including minerals, plants, herbs, trees and animals. Above all, however, it was necessary to ensure that the collected and already prepared pure od not be contaminated by impure od radiating from terrestrial matter. That is why all materials used in the construction of the Tabernacle and in making its fittings had to be of only the purest od. Among the minerals, gold, silver and copper possess the purest odic mixture, as shown by the fact that they do not rust, for rust forms as a result of the absorption of impure od, which has a destructive effect on any od it penetrates. “The same thing is true of the fabrics that were used, some for the garments of the priests, some for curtains and carpets, and some for covering the roof of the Tabernacle. Blue and red purple, scarlet, and byssus are the fabrics with the purest odic mixture. Therefore, the ephod of the High priest, who came the closest to the spirit of God that spoke through the cloud of Od, had to be made of red and blue purple, scarlet and twisted byssus, interwoven with gold. The ‘breastplate of judgment’, worn over the ephod, was made in the same way. In addition, it was adorned with 12 precious stones, for these contain large quantities of the most valuable od. The outer garment was all of blue purple, and at the edge of its skirts there were pomegranates of blue and red purple and scarlet, with little golden bells in between. All these details were of the greatest significance.