Chapter 2 - The Laws Governing Spirit Communication with Material Creation

- 19 - • For this reason, any unforeseen interference on the part of the participants at a spiritistic séance with the work of the spirit world may be dangerous for the medium, who serves as the power source, or for the participants, and may make the production of the desired phenomena more difficult or even impossible. For in this field also, such a thing as a ‘short circuit’ is possible, unless timely provision has been made for the necessary ‘insulations’. All this may sound entirely too human to you, but I cannot repeat too often that everything you have on earth in a material state exists also in the spirit world in a spiritual state, and without any exception. It is not easy for you to understand this, seeing that all the concepts of your thinking are derived from the world of matter, and you find it hard to translate these concepts into spiritual terms. The Od with which your own spirit works in your physical body requires a certain degree of condensation, as I have already pointed out to you, for a certain balance must be struck between spirit and matter. For the same reason, the spirit world, when working through corporeal beings, must condense the necessary Od to a degree suited to the purpose at hand. • Light and heat constitute great obstacles to condensations of this kind. That heat is a hindrance you will readily see, since heat expands and dissolves. The fact that light may also be a hindrance to the condensation of Od you may at least surmise, when I remind you of the darkroom necessary for the development of your photographic plates. The condensation of Od in the presence of heat and in bright daylight is not entirely impossible, but it requires a quantity of Od so great that it is available to the spirit world for communicating with man only in the rarest instances. Otherwise, for Creation and for the performance of a special assignment from God, the good spirit world has at its disposal Odic force in unlimited amount and strength. It is therefore foolish and a sign of profound ignorance in such matters for people to ridicule the fact that many spiritistic phenomena can be produced successfully only in the dark. Many of your scientists even assert that darkness is insisted upon only so that ‘spiritistic deceptions’ cannot so easily be seen. It would be as reasonable to demand of the photographer that he develop his plates in broad daylight instead of in a darkroom and to call him a fraud because he can only do his developing in the dark. Unfortunately, almost everybody is ignorant of the fact that the work of the spirit world proceeds according to the same laws as those governing your actions on earth. What might be called ‘Odic feeding’, a method of administering nourishment by means invisible to the human eye, which seems so incomprehensible to the human mind, is also accomplished by the dissolution and recondensation of Od. “It happens that at all times there have been people who took no food whatever and still remained alive. • In their case nourishment is administered by spirit methods, the spirit world dissolving the food into Od and introducing it into the digestive tract in that state. There the Odic food is condensed into material food and is digested. For this reason, also those people who to you seem to have eaten nothing eliminate waste quite normally, as though they had eaten tangible food. This method of nourishment is always associated with other activities on the part of the spirit world in connection with the individuals in question. It is not an end in itself, but a link in a chain of events serving a higher purpose.