Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 8 - The youngster fell forward after this salutation, the way he had done at the start of the meeting and he opened his eyes and looked around in surprise. He could not understand why it was already so late. He knew nothing about what had taken place. He said that he felt as if he had slept very well for quite some time. He said that he felt refreshed and well. When I ask him to return tomorrow evening at 7.30 pm, he explained to me that this was not possible. They had to complete an urgent job tomorrow and it would probably be closer to 9 pm, before he would be at home. This had already been arranged by his master the day before. I decided to postpone my trip in spite of this and to return at the time specified to me the following evening. When I returned to me residence after the meeting, I felt as if I was awakening from a heavy dream. The Moon flooded the roofs with its silvery glow and the stars looked so peaceful into the clear night. But the flames of my thoughts danced mountain-high within me. I could feel these flames flickering near the joists that supported my previous building of faith. Who was telling the truth? The religion I was a priest of or the VOICE coming through this juvenile? Or might it be the juvenile himself who made all of this up in order to act out a comedy before us? The juvenile of his own accord? – No, that was impossible. To believe this was more impossible for me than all the world’s religious tenets. I had read things about “clairvoyance”, “subconscious” and “thought transference” here and there. But this didn’t help me in the case in front of me. I should therefore investigate this further. This business was too important to me to simply push aside. There was no “turning back” for me. I had to have complete clarity. The next meeting might already take me one step further.