Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 5 - In a soft voice he said: “We will return to the question that you so unsatisfactorily answered later. It is now your turn to ask me questions. I will answer them to the degree that I am allowed to. You have written down a series of question that you want to put to me. Take the slip of paper with the questions that you have on you out of your pocket!” Those present looked at me with astonishment, because nobody knew about this slip of paper. My first question was: “Why is it that Christendom no longer seems to have an influence at all on today’s mankind?” He started to answer without a moment’s hesitation or contemplation. He dealt with the interposed questions and rendered objections of those present with astonishing simplicity and clarity. According to my stenographic notations he gave the following explanations: “The documents handed down to you no longer contain Christ’s doctrine in its entirety and in its original purity and clarity. A lot of important segments have been omitted from what you call the New Testament. Well, whole chapters have been removed from it. What you now have are mutilated transcripts. You no longer have the originals and this makes it impossible to discover the mutilations of the original text. Those that have done this were punished by God.” One of those present then asked who had been responsible for making mistakes with the Holy Scriptures? “It is not your affair to know this” was his short reply. “It suffices for you to know that it happened and that the culprits were punished by God. Of what use would it be to you to know their names! You would only use knowing the culprits to sit in judgement over them. And you know that you should not judge your fellow men. God judges! That’s suffices. A letter from the apostle Paul to all Christian communities had also been destroyed. He comprehensibly explained all the passages from his earlier letters that gave cause to misunderstandings therein. These clarifications did however not fit with many of the false doctrines that had crept into Christendom later.” I interrupted him here with the question of when the first of the divergent doctrines had entered Christendom. He answered: “To a lesser extent already in the first century of the Christian calendar. You know that quite a few differences of opinions had arisen within the Christian communities when the apostles were still around. A lot of incorrect human opinions and human statutes crept in that didn’t coincide with Christ’s doctrine. • A lot of weight would be lifted from your shoulders if you had the complete and unadulterated texts from Christ’s doctrine, a weight that has been imposed on you in the name of religion and Christendom. A lot of the doctrines that one expects you to believe, especially those that seem impossible in your opinion, would fall by the wayside, because they would be recognised as incorrect and you could then breathe easy as God’s children. Millions of people do feel that a lot of the things that Christendom teaches these days cannot be correct. Habit makes them publicly retain them, but they do not have an inner effect. The vital belief in them is lacking. A lot of you do not even externally maintain the present day Christendom. Instead of only discarding what’s incorrect, they simply reject all of Christendom and their faith in God, because they think that everything hangs together. And this is bad. • But the time will come when Christ’s doctrine will be given back to mankind in its full purity and truth. You do not have to know at the present how this will come about.