Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 40 - On this particular day the two mediums who had been making the Egyptian sketches appeared again, and the farmer boy went into a trance simultaneously with the two of them. For some time, he sat in silence, while both of the others were busy with their drawings. Suddenly the medium from my parish stood up, walked over to one of the other mediums, and spoke to him in a foreign tongue. He seemed to be explaining something to him in connection with the drawing. Then he approached me and asked for an eraser. When I had given him one, he again went to the medium to whom he had been talking. I also went nearer and could see that the drawing represented the Nile. The medium now took the eraser from the boy, rubbed out a short section of the river, and made an alteration in its course. I asked the medium from my parish, who was still in trance, whether he was free to tell me what these proceedings signified. The spirit speaking through him answered that for this day he was charged with supervising the work of the two mediums making the sketches. The most important drawing with respect to the location of the royal tombs was being made that day, namely, the course of the Nile. The spirit of one of the former Egyptian princes had caused his medium to draw the bed of the Nile as it was in his day, but since then its burden of sand had caused the river to shift its bed in places, and it was from precisely one of these spots that the measurements for locating the tombs would have to be taken. It was for this reason that he had influenced the boy to accompany me to the city this morning. Upon completion of the last drawing, I was told to trace all the drawings and to deposit a full set of tracings, sealed, at a specified place. Thereupon one of the Egyptian princes dictated to me a statement, which I was required to sign. It read: “In the year 1924 I was informed about the existence of the spirits of two former princes – they call themselves Arras and Isaris. From them I received various drawings and depositions covering an account of the lives of the said princes and of their fate. I was commissioned to travel to their country and to open their tombs, as well as to uncover the remains of the buried sites. This material was collected by me between February 1st and May 1st , 1924. Isaris deposes on behalf of Arras and in his own name: ‘Acting under instructions, we two have made known to you what we have been instructed to tell you, in order that you may find our burial sites. The execution of the task lies in your hands. You have worked faithfully for us both psychically and spiritually. We thank you for this. We ask you to continue to do so, and today we take our leave of you. We shall return only once more. That will be on the day on which our prediction is fulfilled and on which it is not only believed by you but acknowledged as history. Pray for us and Gott zum Gruss! [God’s greeting] When you are standing by our graves and have found our remains, we shall be there. Our task here has been fulfilled. Gott zum Gruss – until we can speak to you again.” I signed this declaration and added it to the rest of the Egyptian papers.