Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 4 - So that they didn’t wait for me in vain, I sent a message via a messenger to this gentleman informing him that I would not come to the meeting. It wasn’t long before he appeared himself. He entreated me to go with him. He explained that the change in regards to the meeting had not been made by him, but that it came from a source they had to abide by. The reason might be found in the fact that the meeting could take place more inconspicuously at another residence than his own. So, I went with him. It was 7.30 pm when we arrived. I was cordially welcomed by the family. I noticed that they were delighted about my coming. As the meeting would not start till 8 pm, I had ample time to converse with the young man who was also already present. Through a number of questions, I tried to ascertain his scientific level of education. I soon found that he didn’t differ from other mediocre youngsters of his age. The meeting began at 8 pm. There were only a few of us. I was surprised that they had not organised a session in the dark, that everything was brightly lit. I had expected that such meetings always took place in the dark. One began with a short prayer that one of those present recited with great devotion. The participants actually gave an impression of seriousness and inner calm. The prayer had hardly ended when the young man collapsed forward with such a sudden jolt whilst loudly exhaling his breath, that it startled me. He would have fallen to the floor if the arm rest of the chair he was sitting on had not held him in place. It only lasted a few seconds before he was once again raised up in fits and starts as if controlled by an invisible hand, he then sat there with his eyes closed. I felt my heart beating faster in my tense expectation of the things that were to follow. “”Good day!” he began and immediately turned towards me with the question: “Why have you come here?” What astonished me was that he addressed me with the common “you”. (The German language distinguishes between “Du” for family and friends and “Sie” for strangers and people of standing.) A boy or any young man would never have addressed me like that under normal circumstances. – My answer was: “I have come here as a seeker of the truth. I heard about the things that take place here and I would like to test whether one is dealing here with the truth or with deception.” “Do you believe in God?” he asked me and then immediately adding: “Well, I know that you believe in God. But I would like to ask you a different question. Why do you believe in God?” This question caught me so off guard that I didn’t quite know what I should say. I also felt confused. This confusion made me answer the question so inadequately that I wasn’t happy at all with my answer. He quietly said: “I had expected a better answer from you.” These chiding words felt like a slap in the face to me. I had come to reveal the things that went on here as deceptions and the first few minutes saw me sitting here in embarrassment.