Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 33 - 1. 3. 5 Literary evidence of the methodical falsification of the scripts of the first centuries I had often had my attention called by the various mediums to the fact that many falsifications had been introduced into the documents that dated back to the early days of the Christian era, and I had asked myself repeatedly whether there were not some scholarly work in which the attempt had been made to uncover these falsifications. I knew of no such work and could find no one else who did. At our meetings I had purposely refrained from asking about the matter, as I had been told that everything that could be of use to me would be brought into my hands. One day I unexpectedly received two deliveries of a publication. The pages had not been cut. A letter from a lady whom I had met only once in my life was included. It read: The books I am sending were given to me for you the day before yesterday by Mrs. H. of F. She had to send them to you at once, without even reading them herself. Mighty things are happening to her. Be sure to look her up before long. N.N. The Mrs. H. who had been compelled to send these works to me was a total stranger to me, even by name. • These publications, of whose content she herself knew nothing, contained proof that a document by the Jewish author Flavius Josephus had been most brazenly falsified in favour of the Christian religion by Christian copyists, who had made Flavius Josephus, a despiser of Christ, into one of his admirers. There were also many references in these publications that had been sent to me to the intentional falsifications of the writings of the early centuries, thus confirming everything that I had been told about this by mediums entirely unfamiliar with such matters. This discovery pleased me greatly.