Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 26 - I immediately hurried to the vestry and collected the keys to the organ. We ascended the stairs to the organ stage. When I open the organ with the key I immediately looked at the registers. Correct! Three of the registers were pulled out half way. He once again reminded me to mention this to the organist. He then sat at the organ, pulled out registers and began to play. First of in soft and delicate accords. Then somewhat stronger and the longer he played the more the tones welled up. The highlight of his playing was a billowing, roaring and storming with all registers, sounding like a hurricane uprooting trees. Then a gradual ebbing away, ending with a wonderfully soft and peaceful tapering off. No doubt, a master sat at the organ! When he had finished, he pushed all the registers into the organ and rose from the bench. I locked up the organ again. He stood in front of me and asked me the question: “Do you know what I just played on the organ?” I answered with a “NO”. He quietly said: “I played your life”. I looked at him in astonishment. I could not imagine that one could play the life of a human being. As if he had read my mind, he started the following explanation: “The life of a human being is like a painting. One can paint in colours and one can also paint with notes. Every colour represents a note and every note a colour. There are clairvoyants who see the colour of all notes and they do not perceive harmony and disharmony through their hearing, but by looking at the colours of the notes. This is why one can play every painting as if one had notes if front of one. At least the world of spirit can do this.” I didn’t understand his explanations. This was all too new for me. We descended the stairs to the nave of the Church in silence until we reached the door that we had entered through before. He stopped there with the words: “I will now say goodbye. I can no longer go with you into the rectory. Your housekeeper is about to leave the garden and go back the house and I wouldn’t like her to see the young man in his trance state. I will now lean up against the wall. Support the body of the young man so that he doesn’t fall to the ground when I exit from him.” I did as he asked me and I had to use all of my strength to keep the young man upright when he slouched over as the spirit left him. He immediately gain consciousness and he was very astonished to find that we were in the Church. He only remembered that we had been sitting in the rectory. He knew nothing about what had taken place in the meantime. When I told him that he had played the organ most beautifully, he only shook his head in disbelief. The moment that we opened the door to the rectory we saw the housekeeper entering the back part of the hallway as she came from the garden. She would indeed have seen the young man in his trance state, if the spirit had not prevented this by exiting the medium beforehand. The young man himself, after I had talked to him about individual occurrences, neither remembered anything about the skeletons, nor the organ registers, nor the death of the holy Joseph, nor about