Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 24 - We now went past the individual stations of the cross. At the image where Veronica received the sweat rag back with the image of Jesus’s bloodied face on it, I asked him whether this incident was a mere legend or reality. “It is reality and not a legend: was his reply. Image 9: Church in Kell. The sweat rag given back to veronica with Christ’s countenance. Looking at the depiction of Christ’s crucifixion, he suddenly asked me: “What do you think caused the greatest pain during the crucifixion?” I replied: “The nailing to the cross.” “No” he replied, “not the nailing to the cross, but thirst. The nails were hammered through hands and feet by the brutal hangman’s offsider and did initially only cause a specific painful numbness. Akin to how your wounded in wars initially hardly feel their severe injuries through bullets or shrapnel. But the thirst caused by the loss of blood is most terrible and this with your wounded also. It can drive people insane. No physical pain can be compared to the agony caused by thirst.” Image 10: Church in Kell, depicting the nailing to the cross.