Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 22 - 1. 3. 1 A walk through my Church with a medium The medium from town visited my rectory one day. We sat in my office and talked about mundane things. My housekeeper was busy in the kitchen but she came to the office every now and then. At a moment when we were alone again, the young man sudden fell into a trance and the spirit turned to me with the following words: “Your housekeeper has just gone into the garden to do some work there. I would like to use this time to talk to you. Please show me your Church!” Neither myself nor the young man could have known that the housekeeper had gone into the garden in order to do some work there. The garden was behind the rectory and one could enter it from the kitchen through the hindmost part of the hallway from where a door led to the garden. We however sat in a room on the opposite site and we could neither see nor hear what went on in the kitchen or in the garden. Image 3: Greber’s rectory in Kell, June 1960 Image 4: The rectory in Kell with connecting door through the abutting wall to the Church on the right, June 1960. When asked to show him the Church I got to my feet. The young man followed me in his trance state with clumsy steps and closed eyes. The Church was very close to the rectory. One didn’t have to cross the road to get there. The Church could be entered from the front garden through a side door. Having arrived at the Church, he said: “The altar is actually situated over a skeleton buried in the ground. A number of skeletons are also buried under the floor of the nave. There used to be a churchyard here.” Image 5: The main altar of the Church.