Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 18 - whilst alone at home without anybody being present. The young man never sat down to write of his own volition, but the same irresistible force that grabbed him for the first time at the meeting, forced him every time to do so and also determined the moment for it. At one time, in the earliest hours of the morning, he was suddenly awakened and requested to get up and to sit down to write. He didn’t comply with this request, because he thought that it was much too early to get up. He then felt how he was pulled from his bed with force and put on the floor. Gripped with fear he jumped up and sat down to write. He wrote wonderful expositions about “the redemption” that did not correlate with anything he knew as a Catholic, things that are not found anywhere in a remotely similar fashion. He, the simple boy from the land, also wrote a dissertation about the “Holy scriptures”, one that contained completely new truths. Not only the content, but also the formation of sentences in these written recordings is such that the young man could never have accomplished it by himself. He wrote the following treatises in prose: • “The Spiritualisation of the Soul” • “God’s Grace” • “What did your Saviour do for you?” • “Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter” • “The Harvest” • “The Night” • “Entreat the Lord!” • “The Holy Scriptures” • “The Love of Children” • “The death of the Mortal” Not only his expositions in prose had God’s truths as a subject matter, but his poems likewise: • “The Hero’s call” • “The language of Creation” • “Hail and Hosanna” • “Along God’s Paths” • “God’s Shepperd and his Flock” • “The Stronger” • “There goes your Creator” The training of his brother to become a voice medium took a while longer. Seeing the physical conditions that appeared at times was often quite alarming. I was therefore glad that I had been informed about this before, I would otherwise have hardly found the courage to persevere to the end. I had asked the mother of the young man to stay away from the meetings till further notice. After his training had come to an end, he fell into a so-called “trance state” in the same way that I had observed with the voice medium in the other town. The spirit entity that talked through him for