Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 17 - everything else, the purpose of their utilisation, it is of longer or shorter duration. I will inform you about the types of mediums and their training in detail when the time is right. I will only tell you today as much as you require in order to understand the happenings at the next meeting up there in your parish. You have two types of ‘mediums’ there at this point in time, they are engaged in training and the world of spirit is working on them. One is a so-called ‘inspiration medium’. • He is fed specific thoughts by a spirit that are introduced with such force that the medium’s own thoughts are displaced so that he is under complete control of the spirit. He doesn’t just receive thoughts, but is also forced to either pronounce them or to write them down. The medium retains his full consciousness. Your inspiration medium has to be trained further so that his absorption capacity for the inspirations from the world of spirit is perfected. A lot of things that constitute a hindrance must be removed from him. You do not yet understand what that could be. But it will become clear to you later. The other medium, the one that has not yet started its activities, is in the first stage of its training. It is the young man who couldn’t keep his head still during the meeting and this made him apprehensive. He will become a ‘voice medium’. • His own spirit will be pushed from his body, another spirit will take possession of him and speak through him. One calls this condition ‘trance’. This comes in various graduations and depends in whether the spirit of the medium is only partially or completely separated from its body. How the separation of the spirit from the body takes place is difficult for you to understand. But I will explain it to you in more detail some other time. The training of a ‘full trance medium’ or ‘deep trance medium’ is indeed not a pretty sight. But it is necessary and it is performed according to eternal legalities. It would be best if the mother of the mediums would for the time being stay away from the meetings so that she doesn’t unnecessarily worry when she observes the processes taking place. • The training of the mediums is an important and sacred affair. You should therefore pray a lot for the mediums during your meetings and ask God for strength and support so that everything happens according to God’s will and so that the mediums turn into useful instruments for goodness and remain true to God. The messages today were necessary for you so that you understand the processes during the training of your mediums to some degree and so that you are not perturbed about what you see happening to them.” Whatever I was told about the training of the two mediums at my parish was confirmed in all its points. The training of the young man who was deemed to be an “inspiration medium” went quickly. He was given detailed indoctrinations about the most important truths and he wrote them down. They contained something that was completely new to me and most of it stood in contrast to what the young man himself had believed up to now and what I also had preached as being the truth. Blaming the subconscious and thought transference, something many use to try to explain all such things, would be out of the question in this case. The idea of thought transference is out of the question, because the inspiration medium didn’t write anything from then on at the meetings, but