Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 16 - discovery will be generally accepted as something matter of course only years later. – Who could form a concept of today’s planes, the telephone or telegraphy, not to mention the radio? If somebody had mentioned in those days that a time will come when one will fly through the air, talk to people in distant places and hear a concert, performed hundreds of hours away, in one’s own living room, he or she would not have been taken seriously. And your pundits in particular would have been the ones to express their view against such possibilities. You are being told, and you experiences this yourself, that the world of spirit can make contact with human beings the moment the required prerequisites are fulfilled. The masses at large do not believe this and thinks that it is impossible, exactly the way it thought that a lot of things were impossible in the past that are a reality today. Your pundits do also not want to admit that the world of spirit can interfere in your life in a way that is perceptible to your senses. But thousands of events occur in your time just the same, things that these pundits can ascertain to be irrefutable facts, ergo facts that can only be explained as encroachments by the world of spirit. • Your pundits do however look for other causes for these events and they expect you to believe the most unreasonable and most unbelievable they come up with in order to explain these facts ‘mundanely’, so that they are not forced into accepting a world of spirit and a hereafter. Some of them do this because they deny the reality of a life after death. The others because, being scientists, they do not yet have the courage to promote the idea of interference by spirits, even though they are personally convinced about it. They fear that their scientific standing could suffer. • But the time will come when your sciences will have to confess that the world of spirit, the good and the evil, does physically and perceptibly interfere in your life and your fate in manifold ways. You must therefore not be surprised if people think that you are not normal when you tell them that you talked to a spirit. What certainly astonished me is the fact that your religious communities reject the idea of interference from the world of spirit and its interaction with today’s human beings, or that if they accept the idea, that they assert that only the world of evil spirits makes itself known these days. Such an opinion is completely absurd. Because if no spirits can come to you nowadays, it would have been equally impossible for them to come in the past. One must then relegate all biblical reports of contact with spirits to the realm of legends. Or if only evil spirits make themselves known these days, evil spirits must have done the same in the past. This would make all religions that base themselves on the Old and the New Testament collapse within themselves. Do they not assert that they received their religious truths and laws from spirits? • But if good spirits came to visit people in the past we have no reason to think that they no longer come these days. It is the same God that sent good spirits in the past and sends them also now. The way he wanted to guide mankind along the right path them, he tries to do this now. Or do you think that you do not require indoctrinations and guidance from God spirits these days? Might you actually believe that you are better and smarter people than those from the past, that you are in possession of the whole truth? What you have experienced in your parish is a confirmation of what you hear from me. You will experience lots more. Do not worry about the young man who can no longer hold his head still. His is worked upon and you will see with your own eyes how the various ‘mediums’ are apprenticed. • The word ‘medium’ means ‘instrument’! “Mediums’ are therefore people that are utilised by the world of spirit as instruments to make the contact to the world of man possible. Animals can also be mediums. But we will disregard them for now. When people are prepared to serve the world of spirit as instruments, they require training and this is carried out through the world of spirit. Depending on the differences between individuals, and above