Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 15 - He was not able to concern himself with letters, spelling, commas or full stops. At the end of a Bible interpretation or its memorandum, he no longer knew anything of its content, so that it would be impossible for him to repeat the spoken words or what had been written down. We were still in the process of discussing the incidence when one of his brothers told us that he could no longer participate at these gatherings, because he could no longer hold his head still. It was twisted this way and that way against his will. He tried to fight against it, but without success. The moving back and forth of his head had also been noticed by me. His mother had also noticed it. She looked at me with questioning eyes. I appeased her and the young man by saying to them that there was no need to be afraid. Because what we endeavoured to do could not be evil. We might not understand what went on here, but everything would undoubtedly become clear after a while. Similar occurrences had also taken place during the congregations of the early Christians. To give them an example I read 1 Corinthians, Chapter 14 to them and explained things as best as I could in those days. Image 1 and 2: The mediums fo Johannes Greber. Left: The former voice medium Heinrich Gasberfrom Oberlahnstein, born 1897. Right: the former writing medium Carl Gasper from Kell, born 1899. Both photos taken by Josef Martens in July 1960. (All images from “Johannes Greber, sein Leben und sein Werk”, Verlag Martin Weber, Schutterwald) The events that had taken place this evening were as new to me as to all the other participants. My meeting with the young man in the neighbouring town only showed me how a spirit talked through a completely uncomnscious person. That a spirit could utilise a person as an instrument while that person was fully conscious, ergo talk and write through it, was something I was not aware of. What was happening to the young man whose head was moved back and forth was also completely unclear to me. I was therefore pleased that I was able to gain clarity aboput these things at the next meeting in town. There I was told: “Do not be concerned if you don’t gain full clarity in all points straight away. The whole thing is simply too new to you and you lack the correct concepts for some of it. But everything will gradually become comprehensible to you. – It is a similar situation with your human inventions and discoveries. The discovered truth is first regarded as impossible and the discoverer branded mentally abnormal. The same