Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 14 - had committed. Only then could he continue to work with a cheerful mind. He had made this mistake a dozen times a day in the past without feeling weighted down inside before. This was exactly the same as I had experienced from the day onwards after having participated at my first meeting in the neighbouring town. Mistakes and negligence’s that I had not noticed before, suddenly burned like fire in my soul. I had explained a passage from the Bible during our fourth meeting. My interpretation was the same as the one that all Christian Bible interpreters give these days. I didn’t know any other explanation. My explanation had not quite finished when an agitation took hold of one of the young men that I couldn’t explain. He looked at me with strangely glittering eyes and I noticed that he tried to fend off something inside of himself. He suddenly turned to me whilst a shudder went through his limbs and he said: “I can’t help myself, but I have to tell you that your explanation is incorrect. I am forced to give the correct interpretation.” He now spoke the sentences that were given to him inside of himself as an interpretation of the passage from the Bible. They were so clear and lucid that neither myself nor the other participants could possibly doubt their correctness. We had not yet recovered from our astonishment when the same young man explained: “ I must write”. “What are you going to write?” I asked. “I don’t know, but an irresistible power is forcing me to do so. – Give me paper and pencil!” We placed both things in front of him He immediately began to write at great speed and filled a whole sheet of folio. One letter was attached to the next and words and sentences were not separated from one another. The signature at the bottom of the writing was one word: “Celsior”. This document contained an indoctrination that was important to us. The young man asked me for the meaning of the word “Celsior”. I explained to him that it was a Latin word and that is virtually meant: “The Higher one” or “a Higher one”. I now wanted to know from the young man what sensations he had during what he just experienced. His answer was that he couldn’t find the right words to express this. He had been under the influence of a force that was so great that he could not resist it. He had fought with all his might against having to tell me that my interpretation of the Bible had been incorrect, because he himself had been convinced that my explanation was correct. But he had been forced to speak and then to write after. He had felt as if his owns thoughts had been taken from him and replaced with other thoughts. He had also been aware that he was writing. • He also said that he had been aware of the content of every sentence, but only whilst he pronounced it or wrote it down. Once a sentence had come to an end, his memory of it also ceased, because the following sentence fully occupied his mind and he was forced to either express it in words or to write it down as it was given.