The Star of Bethlehem

B : Oh, what do I see on the piano! “Fantasy pieces” by Schumann? – Wouldn’t they sound terrific on this instrument. G : Go on then! You can do it. – I know that you practise. B : What do you practise? G : Cassette – Rubinstein. Here you have “Aufschwung” and “In der Nacht”. B : You are an eternal romantic! G : With Schumann, yes, but I am a realist when it comes to the Star of Bethlehem. B : One more question – and please don’t be angry with me: If you see man as GOD’S creation, how do you equate this opinion with your recently published, lavish medical interpretation of Termination of Pregnancy? – Wouldn’t the fertilised ovum possess some special INFORMATION. I have some knowledge about programming and I respect and esteem a good informer. G : I am certainly not angry with you. You use your brain and you always solicit surprises. This is what I like about you. I will quickly fetch another bottle and we can then discuss this some more. B : Please, the next time around. – My driver’s license is as important to me as my palette. Besides, it is quite late and I have to drive. – Coming back to my question: You worked for some years in obstetrics. I am now curious of what your answer will be. G : The fertilised ovum is neither more nor less INFORMED as it was before being fertilised. It does demand its due respect – not only but also. One cannot enhance the miracle INFORMATION represents. Sperm is just as wonderfully informed and programmed. All contraceptive measures are more or less a compromise. But when it comes to the termination of pregnancies one shouldn’t forget the dreary everyday life, namely the prosaicness of sex: Marital coercion, drunkenness, rape, illness etc. The seminal threat doesn’t take any of this into consideration. The refusal of help would have been uncharitable in many cases, well even inhumane. B : As ordered by law. G : What do you mean? Sparta lies in the distant past. – Well then, have a good trip home! The host looked at the gradually disappearing taillights of the heavy limousine for some time. He felt that he had gained an important fellow campaigner in his colleague to help him change the prevailing mental-spiritual vacuum in his surroundings. * * * * * * *