The Star of Bethlehem

is something the religious dignitaries managed to do. You are aware of this “sleight of hand” from the Middle Ages and this thread runs all the way to the present times: Influence, possessions, pomp and power. B : Were any thoughts about reincarnation deliberately removed from the Bible? What evidence do you have about it? G : I do not know whether ideas about reincarnation were deliberately removed from the Bible, but a lot of thing point in the direction of obscuring it through translations. We are still in possession of the ancient Greek version of the New Testament. It is probably not all that different from the versions of the first few centuries after CHRIST according to my opinion. But this must not necessarily be correct. There are passages therein that only make sense when one accepts the doctrine of reincarnation. There are however no concrete contradictions in regards to the concept of reincarnation. The situation with the numerous different translations into our modern languages however looks entirely different. Only the dogma, not the Bible itself, wants to contest the doctrine of reincarnation. B : Do you have a problem with JESUS or with Christendom? G : I have no problem at all with Jesus and the early Christendom. On the contrary – I regard JESUS as the up to now most important of all of mankind’s TEACHERS. But what Church dogma managed to do with it is no longer what JESUS taught his disciples! The first one to estrange the original doctrine was Paul. Dogma has more to do with him than with JESUS. Church dogma is in a sense more Pauline than Christian! – For reasons that have probably to do with power and the suppression of free thinking – the prevention of making up one’s own mind – Christendom distorted JESUS’S doctrine and recoined it into an instrument of power. The most eminent of the original Christian Gnostics had managed to maintain the true doctrine to some degree, but were branded heretics, condemned and persecuted. Most of them believed in reincarnation or at least thought is possible. A comparably unadulterated original Christendom survived into the 13th century in Catharism. As probably one of the most Christian of all movements within the history of Christianity, it was eradicated in a veritable case of genocide down to the last woman and child during the 13th century. The COMMANDMENTS of LOVE and “thou shall not kill” no longer had any value for the Church. An associated movement called Manichaeism existed, but it seeped away in the sands of time after a few centuries. Manichaeism was a gnostic part of Christendom, but it was however mixed with Buddhistic and ancient Persian elements to some degree. The Cathars and the Manichaeans also taught reincarnation. – I regard myself a Christian! But a member of the true Christian society, something that is no longer present in today’s Christendom. B : Why do you deal with psycho-scientific questions to such a degree? – Does that bring you anything? Problems must be able to be solved and above everything else, mortised. I personally prefer to have a few Dollars in my hand to a hymn book. The time factor also plays a role. G : This is why! – The short period in a physical garment is too short for me. What happens after is more important to me. This is where my interest comes from. I find it difficult to explain, it’s more of an inner feeling about wanting to find out more about this. Whether I have to come back again, I don’t know. Whether I voluntarily ask for it – wait and see. B : I am not all that familiar with Church history, but I intensively dealt with UFO-question and all it associated phenomena. Physics and reality have always been my favourite subjects and this includes questions in regards to anti-gravity and anti-matter. G : By Jove, I congratulate you! We halfway pursue the same lines anyway. And don’t be afraid, I will keep the frankincense well away from you. B : Dear colleague, may I give you some good advice? Please stay away from fanatics. There is no milage in it except anger and annoyance. You probably also saw the J. J. Rousseau program screened in two parts. Didn’t he say 200 years ago that dogmatists and atheists were his greatest enemies? So why bother with them? But I am on my way – slowly. I will mention the tape recoded voices on my next visit. Professor Bender is supposed to have been convinced by them. G : You surprise me every time I see you!