The Star of Bethlehem

B : My dear friend, you would be scalped if you were to say this publicly, because you remove the heart of the Church’s doctrine with this. G : I know. But I trust the logic of the psychic scripts more than a 2’000 years old tradition whose mistakes are based on linguistically false concepts. I just talked about the ENERGY BODY. I listened to a lecture in Fulda that lasted 1½ hours a few years ago. The theme was “RESEARCH into the ENERGY BODY and the continuity of consciousness”. Dr. Huber from Vienna held this lecture, he is the man that developed the Pneumotron. Many slides and Killian photos were shown. The whole thing was a great event. It is however a shame that nobody from the Vatican or from the regional evangelic Church was present. This was followed by an instructive discussion about reincarnation. You know all the gentlemen that were convinced during their own epoch: Pythagoras, Vergil, Franklin, Giordano Bruno, Lessing, Goethe, Voltaire, Henry Ford, Christian Morgenstern, Rudolf Steiner. A section of our intellectual elite, are they not? – The reincarnation therapist Thorwald Dethlefsen also held a lecture about reincarnation. He is the one who verified through hypnotic experiments on television that his subjects had already lived hundreds of years ago. The latest lore comes from the University of Los Angeles. One is in the process of acknowledging the reincarnation therapy. All of us have accordingly been here on Earth before. But our memories of our past lives are however blocked. This blockage can be partially removed through hypnosis and what do you know, the past becomes tangible! This ENERGY BODY, with its COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, is therefore the actual person that is stuck in a physical garment and that has a panic fear from slipping into physical matter and also from slipping out of physical matter. We erroneously call the last mentioned act “death” even though the “Law of the preservation of energy” formulated by Robert Mayer shows, that energy can neither develop nor disappear. The slipping into matter takes place at birth and not with the impregnation of the ovum. Those that seek with reverence already see their own existence as an effort by the CREATOR that the human mind cannot comprehend and beyond that, see in everything that exists, blossoms, grows and decays around them as the work and action of a bodacious SPIRIT POWER and CREATIVE FORCE, that we call “GOD”. This belief and this conviction was confirmed via an ESP message from the SPHERES of LIGHT. I quote: “All cosmic LAWS throughout the universe are united within each individual human being. This includes eternity and also change, as well as LOVE and also propagation and HIGHER DEVELOPMENT and decline. This is the universal human being created and called into being by GOD in HIS infinite LOVE, this unique creative work of art with its immortal soul and its consciousness as a minute part of the unimaginable CENTRAL CONSCIOUSNESS in space – GOD.” The way to experience life in its fullness is only achieved through action. Those that practically live LOVE will soon recognise the spiritual advancements. By the way, Matthew 11 has this to say about reincarnation: “Truly I say unto you, amongst all that are born by woman, nobody has resurrected that is greater than John the Baptist and you have to accept that he, John is Elias who is to come. Those with ears should listen.” JESUS talks here about a reincarnation and he confirms that the reincarnated do not know who and what they were before their entry into the flesh, what kind of past life they experienced. John the Baptist certainly didn’t have an inkling that he had lived on this planet before and this as the incarnation of Elias, the great prophet. CHRIST’S words about reincarnation that he utters in the Gospel of John Chapter 3 do not allow any doubts to arise in this respect: “Truly I say unto you, unless people have been born again, they will not see God’s Realm.” Nicodemus then asked him: “How can a person be born when they are old. Can he then once again enter his mother’s womb in order to be born again?” JESUS answered him with the words: “Do not be amazed about what I told you, namely that you must be born anew.” In spite of this convincing first hand clue, the Church decided about 550 years later, at the Council of Constantinople, to condemn the concept of reincarnation and to punish all utterances about it. Yes indeed, this