The Star of Bethlehem

These are irrefutable spiritual LAWS and we know far too little about them. Paying the last pennies can indeed be very painful. There is therefore no other way; we on Earth do have to adopt a different stance. Charity must be written in larger letters; this is CHRIST’S most distinguished advice and the messages through automatic writing support this. This is a process CHRIST also utilised when he stuck his finger in the sand and allowed it to be guided. The answers were prompt. Imagine the volatile situation: Here the dangerous priests, there the ravers and over there the death sentence through stoning. You know HIS bodacious words that followed: “Whoever of you is without sin, be the first to throw a stone at her.” B : There are a lot of words that Christ is supposed to have uttered, that are incomprehensible to me, like for instance: “The Father and I are One.” How is one to understand these words? G : I can also not answer this by myself and I must therefore once again refer to the protocols of the MKF-Berlin (Medialer Friedenskreis Berlin). – I see - here it is. I quote a transmission from a MESSENGER of LIGHT: “We always endeavour to speak the unadulterated TRUTH. Not one of our words is a lie; because we want to help you in every respect. • CHRIST never said: “I am your God”. But CHRIST said very distinctly: “The Father and I are One, namely in our communal interests and in our LOVE and care for mankind. With this he wanted to express that: When you ask me, I will give you the same answer that GOD, the FATHER would give you. – GOD has lots of Sons, because the universe is immeasurable large and mankind is distributed over the whole universe. Indeed, GOD loved terrestrial mankind in spite of its sinful ways. He sent one of HIS SONS to Earth, where he was incarnated. CHRIST’S SOUL was embodied and born; This is why John simply said: “…his embodied SON”. Every human being, that is to say, every soul destined to incarnate (live in the flesh) is embodied when it comes to Earth. Every soul is therefore embodied in the flesh. The thoughts of priests and theologians are false when they therefore assume that CHRIST is the LORD’S only SON. How often do you express yourselves incorrectly to then say: “I didn’t mean it like that!” B : The extraterrestrial message “Veritas Vincit” that you gave me to study last time, states that a huge spaceship hovered over Mount Sinai and that a SON of GOD handed Moses the 10 Commandments. Further text of the brochure makes it obvious that this SON of GOD was already a CHRIST-SOUL at that time. Is there any biblical evidence for this? G : There is clear cut evidence for this also. Look up the Gospel of John, Chapter 5, Verse 46 und you find: “Christ said: If you believe in Moses, you must also believe in me, because he wrote about me.” Moses talked to CHRIST in the huge spaceship and Moses said that he prophesied something and that this prophecy came to pass. CHRIST returned once again. Besides, I ask all doubters to consider this: How could Moses write about CHRIST, when Moses lived more than a thousand years before the incarnation of CHRIST? B : Indeed, an interesting question. – But what about the meaning of his death on the Cross and its associated allinclusive forgiveness of sins? G : I can only tell you one thing: Once you have taken your last breath you will be out of it for one to two day, sometimes somewhat longer, ergo experience a deep unconsciousness. But you will then wake up. You consciousness is fully restored and you will awake in a SUPERLATIVE WORLD. A shock to most of our contemporaries. As we heard before, CHRIST’S mission of salvation consists of the proclamation of the eternal TRUTH, that is to say, the human immortality throughout the universe. Salvation means: A god-pleasing life in the spiritual REGIONS, harmony and contentment as well as unimaginable freedom. Take note of the dogmatic interpretation of the all-inclusive forgiveness of sins of the Cross, but do not believe it! The meaning of CHRIST is found in his irrefutable doctrine and in his resurrection. Did JESUS not say: “Only the truth will set you free.” HIS death on the Cross was a tragedy of incomprehensible proportions, whereby the WORLD of the ANTAGONIST played a role and the vengefulness and the belief in miracles of the Jewish priests also.