The Star of Bethlehem

Just like 2’000 years ago, mankind finds itself once again in the depth of ungodliness. Heavenly FORCES are once again at work preparing a new, fundamental salvation. Any salvation can initially only be based on proven elucidations. The BROTHERS from SPACE are engaged in preparing the path of the SAVIOUR day and night. They are the great LIGHT that illuminates the coming of the MESSIAH.” G : The next citation stems from extraterrestrial sources: PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! We defend the things that we love, namely GOD, CHRIST and LOVE. – CHRIST cleared away aberrations and it cost him his life. – We also clear away aberrations, but all we reap is derision. But we have great understanding for all human failings . GOD, our LORD, gave his positive doctrines to the people on Earth via CHRIST. But what do people, even Christians, do with these doctrines? You know all too well what they do. How long has it been since GOD’S WORDS were preached to you? – It was a long time ago! A far too long time has passed since CHRIST preached to you and mankind has not improved. This is a sad conclusion. But it is quite obvious that mankind on Earth makes certain efforts to direct their mindset in a positive direction. But this will also lead to nothing, because the opposite side fights too powerfully against the true faith. This will be stopped. This is why I say to you once again: “The Day X is coming. The SANTINER do not visit this planet for pleasure!” G : Another passage states: The great creator of all things states: I send you my angels and you disown them! I gave you clear doctrines but you changed them! I gave you the certainty of eternal life, but you do not want it but you seek eternal death. B : A report in a newspaper recently stated that UFOs quite often suddenly disappear from radar screens. How can this be explained according to the laws of physics? – The people in air traffic control hopefully do not suffer from optical hallucinations. G : I do believe that there is an explanation for this: During a speech in Florence, Max Planck said: “Physical matter in itself does not exist, only energy and spirit does.” And this is probably how it is. Thanks to their higher level of development, the visitors from space are able to control the nuclear changes between the physical and nonphysical states. In not too many words: They possess the knowledge about materialisation and dematerialisation, because only the last mentioned state makes travelling the enormous distances between planets possible. – My God, wouldn’t this be a theme for our priests! If these people would only move with the times. But their damned dogmas block and hinder the HIGHER spiritual DEVELOPMENT here on Earth. Even the old Greeks recognised that “everything flows”. B : When you approach priests with logic and with science, they will ask you: “where is your faith?” G : One’s expanded knowledge about the human existence and man’s relatives in space allows for enough leeway for faith! We will never be able to know and to comprehend everything, even if we utilise genuine and tested psychic sources. But our present-day parapsychological research and recorded transcendental voices on tape contribute towards verifying the existence of a REALM of SPIRIT for mockers, atheists and materialists. We can say with certainty these days that death does not exist. A bad word, one that creates a lot of anxiety and one that was used and is still used to play fast and loose with. The Churches have up to now not succeeded to take the panic stricken fear of death from people. They talk about a “Day of Judgment” and they still talk about a “physical” resurrection. Whereby so-called death is nothing but a transformation, a separation from the energetic body in existence before birth, from the physical shell. This well-fitting, physical garment is given to us by the CREATOR and we have the gracious opportunity to develop in complete freedom and with full responsibility. – This is however followed by classification – and it can be quite uncomfortable for us if we behaved in a blasphemous way here on Earth. To know that we have to give account for our actions is not all that easy to deal with. Don’t you agree? Did CHRIST not talk about “the last Penny” that we have to pay? –