The Star of Bethlehem

and discernment and this is what one has to catch up on. Those that for instance reject a needy person instead of helping it, choose at that very moment that they will have to suffer a similar fate sometimes in the future themselves. The person concerned does however not know this at the time in its egoistic, conscious ego, but its HIGHER SELF adds this – probably with regrets – to the new program in the BOOK of LIFE for the next incarnation. B : Is a Christian actually allowed to believe in reincarnation? G : Church dogma states that a church goer should not believe in reincarnation. A lot of Gnostics – they are the true original Christians as far as I am concerned – believed in reincarnation. Even thou dogmas endeavoured to show a false image here, Origen was also amongst them. My personal opinion is: A Christian, according to the true doctrine of Jesus, will believe in reincarnation of its own accord, but the pretend “Christian”, believing in Church dogma, is not game to deal with this doctrine. B : Does the doctrine of reincarnation predominantly stem from India? G : It has been repeatedly asserted that the doctrine of reincarnation would stem from India. The truth is that it survived in some Asiatic cultures whilst it disappeared from other cultures. The doctrine of reincarnation was a part of almost all cultures in the old days, also in cultures that could not have had contact with India, for instance the Vikings and the major cultures of Central and South America. The old Judaism also had people who believed in reincarnation. Many passages in the Bible bear witness to this if they are interpreted without a dogmatic straight jacket. These people almost certainly didn’t get this idea from India. As Christendom developed from Judaism, it is even less of a surprise that many of the early Christians also believed in reincarnation. B : What are the disadvantages of reincarnation in the eyes of its opponents and what are its advantages? G : Reincarnation is a step-by-step path back to the divine WORLD from whence we as souls fell from during our fall from grace. It is the path that leads back HOME. The opponents of reincarnation are either materialists that neither believe in a divine WORLD nor in a life after death, or they are dogmatists that do not want to admit that people can get to this other WORLD without them or without their help. The following words from the Bible specifically apply to them: “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who want to close the Kingdom of Heaven to all and sundry. You will not enter it and you stop the ones that want to go there from entering it.” – The believer in reincarnation has the advantage of being considerably closer to the truth and able to return HOME step-by step in spite of the Pharisees. B : What do you make of the words in the Bible: “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”? G : These words do not stem from the positive WORLD of SPIRIT. They are the words of priest that had to grapple with other tribes in those days. If these words from the Bible did possess a divine sense, no living human beings would live on Earth anymore! – GOD never punishes through vengeance, because that would not be LOVE, but terrible hatred. But GOD is LOVE! CHRIST was and is an eminent ambassador for the REALM of SPIRIT. He said: “Love your enemies.” But these words were also not correctly understood. These words actually say that one should not mistreat one’s enemies once one has conquered them, because the enemy also has a sense of honour. B : And what about the accounts given by the Apostle Paul? His accounts are taken very serious by the Christian Church. Was this man correct in all of his expositions? G : Paul was a psychic and many of his contemplations were inspired. But a lot of his contemplations were his own. One must therefore include the fact that Paul voiced his own opinions and that he erred often enough and this simply because he didn’t know better. Besides, Paul was also severely attacked by negative ENTITIES. Many of these findings lead to the fact that the Bible is not really the “Book of Books”. – You will probably ask; what are people to adhere to? – This is a very serious and important question! The researchers of the Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin received the following answer: “That mankind on Earth requires a new religion is very obvious, because all you have to do is to look at your situation in order to recognise that everything is out of kelter. Present day religions cannot guide you towards a higher spiritual level. This is the reason why GOD interferes. He intensifies the deployment of his MESSENGERS, the SANTINER. They will introduce you to the UNIVERSAL RELIGION. This does however not happen without labour pains. The Bible certainly