The Star of Bethlehem

PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet: E-Mail: Translator’s email : A dialogue during the Advent Season. The Star of Bethlehem By R. Linnemann This little story developed in accordance with the content of a few selected meeting protocols of the Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin (MFK). Late autumn… A cold wind from the East tears the last leaves from already bare trees and shakes the shutters of the large country house. The red sun deep on the horizon and the approaching twilight bathe the surrounding countryside in a peculiar light. A pair of birds of prey circle over the nearby forest, that is joint by expansive tracks of arable land, in search of prey. A tall, wiry man of medium age stands at the large panoramic window. The elevated position allows him a wide view over the land across to the forest. He likes to sit at this window and he enjoys the peaceful effect the landscape has on him. But his demanding profession allows only little time for these meditative hours that he likes so much. Hardly any vehicles are on the small and curvy country road that leads through the nearby forest. How small everything seems from this distance. Earnest and lost in thoughts he looks across to the country road. Only was this morning that had he tried to save the life of a little girl during an operation that lasted a number of hours. The child on her bicycle had been hit by an out of control car whose driver had tried to avoid hitting a doe that had suddenly jumped onto the road. The wellknown head physician and surgeon had tried with all the means available at the large clinic to help the child, but all his endeavours were in vain. Seriously injured and without regaining her consciousness, the child died in the operating theatre whilst in his care. The tall, slender man shook his head as if he wanted to shake off of the memory of what happen in the operating theatre. The thoughts of his personal defeat and the anguish of the parents who now mourned the passing of their child tormented him. This had been a difficult day for the well-known physician. He was therefore looking forward to the approaching evening and especially to the visitor who had promised to pay him a visit.

The more the doctor reflected on the death of the child, the more the details of his own severe illness, it had nearly cost him his life a few years ago, welled up in him. – During the course of a severe case of ornithosis (Parrot disease/psittacosis) he suffered two pulmonary infarctions within a timespan of just two days. During both occasions he had the feeling as if a spear was pushed right through his chest. He thought he was about to choke and his field of vision reduced itself in circles from outside to inside. The last thought he remembered before losing consciousness was: Well, this is what happens when you die… The common perception is that there is nothing as bitter as death and that there is nothing more terrible than dying. But where does this knowledge come from? – Schubert’s wanderer lament: “I must walk a road that nobody has ever returned from” irrefutably applies, but a lot of people all over the world had been able to catch a glimpse of YONDER in spite of this. And recent events had made him one of them. – After this unbearable pain and his initially increasing fear of death, he experienced, analogue to the near death cases within his own medical practice, the dissolution of his own sensations and also that of time and matter. He can no longer remember these days just how long he was emersed in this state of dissolution and deliverance. The theme of dying has a certain prehistory for him. It kind of started at a main dressing station of the International Red Cross in Kosovo, where he served as a young doctor. The man standing by the window remembers a severely injured man in a deep coma. When the team of doctors opened his abdomen, they were confronted with a chaotic scene. Only a few remnants of the intestines remained conserved, but at least the main artery was still intact. One decided to immediately close the abdomen in a makeshift fashion when a comment escaped the lips of the young doctor - something he immediately regretted – namely miracle do happen. So, they operated. - Within hours, the few remaining pieces of intestines were connected with one another and an artificial anus attached. The team was ready to give up numerous times. Anaesthetics were hardly used, on the contrary – only cardiovascular agents and blood transfusions. He life seemed to extinguish at times, but the return of noises from the heart could be heard over again. Something none of the team of doctors had believed possible happened. The wounded person regained consciousness the next day, even if only for a few moments at a time. Even though it would have certainly been possible for the one who had been called back to life, he didn’t say a word to his saviours for days. Whenever one of the medical staff approached his bed, he slowly turned his head to the other side and looked at the wall. He seemed to be in the grip of a severe disgruntlement. The guy next to the window remembered the first sentence he spoke word for word, because only days after did the rescued man ask: “Why did you do this?” It took a number of days until one found out what he meant and what he had experienced. The seriously injured was 28 years old and being the son of a farmer, he was expected to take over the family’s farm one day. Illnesses or mental conflicts had been alien concepts to him before he was wounded. He came from a completely healthy family and always held the opinion that nothing adverse could happen to him in this war so he went into every battle without fear. The shot to his abdomen hit him like a lightening out of the blue. He immediately realised that “everything inside had been shredded to pieces”. The pain was unbearable, but crying out was not an option for him. No field medic was available during the barrage of shots. He clearly registered how his strength began to wane and how his consciousness constricted. He had been completely aware that he was about to die. He said that he could also accurately remember that the moment he stopped recognising things, his pain disappeared abruptly. Everything felt like gliding or swimming away, an incredible feeling of release and deliverance.

The wounded man faltered in his report over again, he took a breath and apologised by saying that he lacked the words to describe what he had experienced. But there was one thing that he still couldn’t get over, namely that one had brought him back to life. It was as if paradise had been withheld from him – this were his words. Anyway, the first days “back on Earth” had been terribly difficult for him and he still felt that he was having a bad dream. He couldn’t get himself to thank us, he could basically only reprove us. His attitude hardly changed during the first few weeks. Only during the last days of his recouperation was he able to indicate smile on his face. – To dismiss his condition by diagnosing a depression or that his personality was prone to experience depressions would have been wrong. The most important criteria for this was definitely missing. This case occupied the young doctor’s mind to such a degree that once he had returned to Germany to further his studies, he mentioned it to a circle of his colleagues. One of his fellow students had always seemed occlusive, humourless and completely obsessed with his work, ergo not very congenial to him. He was also a few years older than the others and had started his medical studies relatively late. After having listened to this report for some time, he spoke up by saying that he knew of a similar case and that he himself had gone through a corresponding experience himself, an experience that changed him completely and brought about his desire to study medicine. He gave a short and almost emotionless account of what had happened: His spare time was devoted to sport, above everything else swimming in which he participated in junior competitions. He swam numerous kilometres in the river Oder every day until autumn. One day he was in the grip of severe cramps that started in his legs whilst in the middle of the stream. He wasn’t prepared to admit this weakness to himself and decided to ride it out. But once the cramps had taken control of the rest of his body, it was too late to save himself by swimming to the shore. Fully aware that he was going to die, he sank like a stiff board. He could still remember, as if through a veil, the panic filled fear that gripped him and how the water began to asphyxiate him. Everything was suddenly over and he thought that he had experienced the same that the fighter from Kosovo had described. There were no words for this. After he had been rescued and resuscitated, he too could not and had not wanted to live and everything seemed unreal and depressing. They had apparently tried to resuscitate him for over an hour before his heartbeat and his breathing returned. A weakness of the heart’s muscles persisted for a while after. But he had to gradually get used to his existence again. The whole experience that still stirs below the surface made him take an interest in questions of life, ailments and death. He graduated from high school and studied medicine. He also knew a former athlete from the former GDR (German Democratic Republic) who had the same experience is his. Both of them were in agreement that if they could choose their own form of death, they would like to drown again. Thinking about such a possibility, they would have had a great fear of death in the past. This fear had completely disappeared now. One couldn’t talk about suicidal thoughts in his case, but his memory of experiencing death was always with him like a quiet longing. The man by the window precisely remembered this fellow student and also that when he had awakened fragmentally during his own pulmonary infarction – whilst still receiving oxygen – there had been a distinct reluctance within him to having to return to his previous painful existence. He wanted to go back again to the “OTHER SIDE” – not as if in a dream, because the here and now was like an oppressing dream in comparison to a real, glorious WORLD. Certainly, the consisting shortness of breath restricted him from a purely organic point of view, but he was aware enough to consciously experience his second infarction: It started with a dagger-like pain and he clearly remembers his dismay. But this was soon followed by a rather lustful feeling of

desiring an escalation so that the pain, suffocation and loss of consciousness would gain the upper hand as quickly and as vehemently as possible so that he may finally go to “OVER THERE”. He experienced a kind of addiction instead of a fear of death. It will hopefully happen this time! The undertow from the OTHER SIDE was as powerful as his desire to get away from here. In addition is has to be mentioned that – the pathological changes recorded by the electric cardiogram (ECG) that lasted for some time, are not due to a heart attack, but to a lack of oxygen – death didn’t reach out for him purely psychically, but also organically. The disappointment to land once again in the here and now was even greater than the first time around. This feeling remained under the surface; but it powerfully resurfaced over again at night, in dreams and during lonely hours of meditation. This had nothing to do with depression or even thoughts of suicide. On the contrary – to be allowed to die seems to indicate a reversed direction for him, as if his energetic actions in the here and now could overcome being attracted by the “OTHER SIDE”. His almost constant fear of dying that had been with him up to this illness has completely disappeared. It was not the treatment of the dying or having to mentally deal with the process of dying that brought about this change, it was his own concrete experience! – This allowed him to see a lot of the things he had read about death and dying in a new light. After the first publication of his self-experience of dying, it took place in a medical journal, this well-known physician received a lot of letter from other physicians that contained corroborations and additions. They however also indicated that a certain resistance towards thoroughly dealing with this problem still existed, because the narrated death experiences happen more often than one actually assumes. They are not an exception, but rather typical! If one turns to senior nurses one hears more about this than from doctors. The indicated naturally finds resistance from amongst doctors, so that most of the thus affected spread a veil over their experience because they “lack the words” to describe it and because they do not feel understood by those that had not experienced something similar or equal, they are also afraid that one might regard them as dreamers. Of more importance is the ascertainment that most of the patients he was familiar with were not deeply religious so that so-called suggestive influences from that side cannot be considered a substantial factor. The registration of the dying experience has only now become possible through modern medicine, because more and more people are rescued from the claws of death (far into the organic process) through resuscitation. The most impressive example is probably that of Nobel Prize Winner Lew Landau (according to Dorozynski) who had been rescued from death numerous times. Compared to the past, the registrations of the dying experience are made possible in various ways these days. This however requires that physicians drop their animosity towards “being allowed to die”, because one does not want to admit that “being allowed to die” could be something worth striving for. This is particularly apparent with young doctors, the way they fight for the last breath of even very old patients with all their therapeutic armaments – to then regard the inevitable death as an affront.

However, most people still die these days without having been resuscitated and without a clear awareness, some very suddenly and some so restricted and so disassembled that the experience of dying is not implemented on a level that can be expressed in words. Besides, medicine ensures that most patients are plied with powerful medicines when the end is near. They are then even less capable of consciously registering or even describe their experience of death. The decisive question is: How far can and may doctors manipulate the experience of death? – It suggests itself that the many examples known to him should be interpreted, so they become a reason to guide as many people as possible towards experiencing similar things. For instance, the reports by the well-known death researcher Kübler-Ross. When I read her “Interview with the dying” back then, I initially breathed a sigh of relieve because the repression of the dying process was abrogated here – almost ruthless – and a new method of dealing with the dying and assisting with dying (euthanasia) is exercised here. Based on his own experiences, he did however have some reservations, because not all forms of dying were represented in her book. Furthermore, almost all the patients the author mentions are still a distance away from actually dying that they wouldn’t have lost a certain hope of survival (be it with God’s help or a new type of medication). As a physician and a scientist, he later endeavoured to consider his own self-experience of dying and that of others more carefully. Due to his arrangements, death research protocols were initiated at the bedside of his large clinic that were however only internally discussed and not designed for the broader public. He was personally concerned with having the reality of dying and death comprehended and accepted. Dying, in as far as it is consciously experienced, can be the greatest experience ever and it is very difficult after to have to return to a physical existence once again. Approaching the incomprehensible and absolute, something that happens during the death experience, does in itself not provide information about being dead, but it gives an inkling of how all individual thoughts and awareness is elevated far beyond oneself into something INDESCRIBABLE. Experiences takes place during one’s life that one is reluctant to talk or write about. The fact that he overcame this reluctance in regards to his own experiences is due to a colleague he had got to know at a technical seminar. These two gentlemen maintain their acquaintance through occasionally visiting one another ever since. As he was standing there chasing his thoughts, he noticed a car turning into the driveway to the house. The driver must have already spotted him standing at the window, because the lights of the heavy, dark limousine flashed a number of times. The slender man smiled and pushed himself away from the window parapet and went downstairs. It wasn’t long before the bell at the front door rang. The host (G) opened and greeted the visitor (B) with a friendly hello! B : Thank you for the invitation. Abstinence is enforced by the police this time. I came by car. But this doesn’t mean that I will completely abstain. Laughing, the host took the coat of his colleague and led him into the large, comfortably furnished living room. A bright fire flickered in the open fireplace and the logs crackled and pattered. The visitor approach the fireplace and rubbed his hands. The temperature outside had dropped some more and it had started to lightly snow. – The two physicians sat down at a small table near the fireplace where two comfortable chairs were placed. The pleasant scent of freshly chopped wood and resin hung in the air. With some interest, the visitor picked up the bottle of wine on the table. B : I can see, we know our preferences, don’t we? Cheese and bread were also at the ready. And once again the fir tree branches and the beautiful nativity play were there again! Is it this time of year already? Carpe diem. All of

us do not live intensively enough. – And look here, the Star of Bethlehem! The string attached to it can be hardly seen… - but a star without points? – Astonishing! – It looks like a disk, almost like an unidentified flying saucer. G : Well now, with or without wine, you are always on the ball, aren’t you? B : You are going too far. This must be a joke, surely. Unidentified flying saucers 2’000 years ago? I beg of you! – Considering the facts, I do have to concede that a star doesn’t simply leave its orbit the way the Bible describes it. This is strange indeed. You already know that astronomy and questions about extraterrestrial life are my special hobby. I am sure one can tell. G : Now that we started on the subject, let us go back one step further. Consider the handing over of the clay tablets with the TEN COMMANDMENTS to Moses. Read this passage in the Old Testament and compare the external circumstances of that time with our modern state of knowledge, also in regards to so-called Ufology. The leader of the Moscow School for Cosmonauts, Professor Felix Ziegel, a man who has brought up under the tenets of dialectic materialism, explained to a group of international journalists: “After having conducted research for over 20 years I have come to the conclusion that UFOs are probes from other planets. They obviously want to reconnoitre our Terra .” – What is also interesting is that the Church councillor Dr. Hutten who passed away in 1979, lend flying saucers a religious accent. Hutten was an openminded and courageous man, he looked beyond the horizon of his fellow ministers and he had a sense and a feeling for the wideness of the cosmos. Maybe inspired or maybe psychic sources. Who knows? But not only that – now don’t fall of you chair my friend – but the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah happened by orders of the INFORMER according to my information, the great PLANNER and CREATOR the Churches call “GOD”. This COMMAND was carried out by the crews of unidentified flying objects, by so-called CHERUBS, HIS ‘Heavenly Hosts”. HIGHER COMMANDS also made these CHERUBS part the water of the Red Sea so the Israelites could get across. B : So-called CHERUBS are therefore the right hand of the INFORMER and CREATOR? G : As far as we know from psychic research reports, yes. Everything actually fits together. The operational ranges of CHERUMS does however only lie within the physical part of creation. They are indeed on intimate telepathic terms with the WORLD of SPIRIT, but this REALM has its own LAWS. B : Only a little wine up to now, but so much fantasy! To be burned at the stake would surely have been you fate in those days, my dear fellow! – Besides, since when do you read the Bible? – And this at a time filled with space travel and micro-electronics! G : Please remember the words by Max Planck who said that the spirit is primal reason of all matter. Not visible and transient matter represents the real, the actual, but the invisible, immortal spirit. – All matter develops and consists of one energy only, the one that makes nuclear particles oscillate and keeps them together in the form of the tiniest “solar systems”. When one sees through the relationship between spirit, energy and matter, an excessive demand on one’s consciousness no longer exists, namely to comprehend that entities could be living on other planets that could be ahead of us terrestrial human in their technical development by 10’000 years or more. Such entities might be able to control matter via their spirit; they might also be able to materialise and dematerialise their means of transport. Time and distance then only play a subordinate role. B : Well yes, I do admit that mankind has moved closer to space during the last decades and that it has also matured in regards to cosmic processes. G : There – and so we get closer to the truth. What happened in the presence of Moses on Mount Sinai? – Who handed over the seven Commandments and the seven demands? – Who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? – Who flew ahead of the Israelites in the desert, provided them with manna and parted the waters of the Red Sea? – What was the Star of Bethlehem and what was its meaning? – What was the meaning of that pillar of cloud that floated down from the sky like a dove during CHRIST’S baptism in the river Jordan? – How did the Ascension take place? – These phenomena continue right up to the “Miracle of Fatima” and events about extraterrestrial, the so-called SANTINER, that is accurately accounted for. Such questions occupy the minds of some of our physicists and para-physicists more than ever these days. I can recommend the following books to you: "Der Geist der Materie" and "Tod wo ist Dein Stachel" by Jean E. Charon, Paul Zsolnay-Verlag, Wien-Hamburg. One contact with the Israelites that stretched across a considerable time is rather clearly described in Exodus, Chapter 13 and this includes the handing over of the Commandments on Mount Sinai. Take note of the denotations of “cloud” and “pillar of fire”. You can also find explicit hints in Ezekiel, Daniel and in 2. Book of Kings, Chapter 2.

B : All I can say is: fantastic!, if you like to see this little red disk here as actually being a UFO. But this requires a fantasist – und that is not what you are! I know you too well. But I have to admit that some scientists have come to the conclusion in the meantime that it is highly like that extraterrestrials must exist . One calculates that there must be 1020 earth-like planets throughout the known universe. Other dimensions beyond the three that we can perceive without limited minds are also supposed to exist. What do you say to that? G : It is of course nonsense and against all logic to think that we terrestrial human beings are alone in the universe in the form of biological entities, possibly even creation’s “crowning glory”! Scientists estimate that there are at least a billion planets in our own galaxy alone that offer the prerequisites for biological life. – According to serious psychotherapeutic reports, numerous people find themselves back on other planets during hypnotic regressions. Others make contact with intelligent entities from other planets. The problem is that such experiences cannot be verified in any shape or form. That these are just fantastic, symbolic experiences cannot be ruled out. But certainly not all of them according to my opinion. We human beings do probably not just exist as biological entities, according to our three-dimensional view of what’s “biological”. – Physics calculates in mathematical models of a multi-dimensional universe, but it struggles with holding the things they use to calculate as being true. There is no doubt that entities exist that live in dimensions that go beyond the three dimensions that our human physical organs of perception are restricted to. All of us human souls are such entities ourselves! How else could we continue to exist – as an “I am” - with clear memories of our embodied pasts, still functioning and acting, but only perceptible to a few embodied souls – if we would not cross over into other dimension after our demise? We are right now already in these dimensions, but we are not aware of them, because our sensory organs cannot perceive these dimensions. But we will become conscious of them again after our death. B : (laughing) All that’s left is that you come up with dogmas, sacraments and liturgies. I think that it is time to try the wine! The host laughed quietly and raised his glass. The dark red wine sparkled as both men reached for their glasses. The slightly dimmed room lighting and the flickering and crackling fire in the fireplace created a graceful atmosphere in the large but very dignifiedly furnished living room. The first advent candles of the season shone on the mantlepiece and their flames moved slightly and cast flickering shadows on the bricks of the fireplace. The host leaned back in his comfortable chair and said: Q : The time has come my friend for us to tidy up the old clichés. The fathers of the Church are also not in agreement. Some of them want to de-mythologises, like Bultmann for instance, whilst others are blatant dogmatists of the conservative school. How is this going to work out? – Only about 6 percent of the populations go to Church on a regular basis. Young priests in particular hardly notice that church pews remain empty more and more. But nobody is prepared to undertake sweeping reformations, because the installed regimes of the establishments of Church and state have it too good. Today’s juveniles understand this world least of all. – One should teach more nuclear physics and biology at theological faculties, for all I care even from the book by P. Jordan “Der Naturwissenschaftler vor der religiösen Frage” or from similar works. Convincing and above all effective would be regular visits to reliably working psychic circles in my opinion. This is the only place where one can establish contact with the very controversial WORLD of SPIRIT through psychic techniques. Even though this REALM is not visible, it can still show its POWERS, so for instance through the guidance of a pen on a large piece of paper. If the questions are cleverly put, the answers can often be cleverer still. You smile? – Well, you are at least tolerant and a good listener. B : No, no – please – I would like to understand the coherences! There must be more to this if you in particular deal with such questions. Why is it that you of all people can believe in these psychic messages? G : I would like to answer you with a parable: A seeker came to the Master and complained: “Master, every priest and every monk extoll to me their faith as being the only true faith and they condemn all the others. I am racked with doubts. I don’t know whom to listen to.” The Master answered: “You doubts are well founded. Hear my instructions: • Don’t believe anything that’s hearsay.

• Don’t believe in lore, because they are old and they have come to us via many generations. • Don’t believe because you are shown the written account of some wise old man. • Don’t ever believe something because assumptions seem to support it or because old habits inveigle you to believe that it is true. • Don’t believe anything because you trust the authority of your teachers and your priests. But believe instead: • Everything that coincides with your common sense after your own experiences and examination and everything that serves your own welfare and cure, as well as that of all other creatures, can be accepted as the TRUTH and above everything else: Live accordingly! There is no finality to knowledge, wisdom, understanding or the truth, because everything constantly moves. This movement creates new aims, which in turn result in new insights. A terminus of omniscience does not exist – not even for the OMNISCIENT, for GOD. The visitor contemplatively nodded his head and reached for his wine glass. He took a sip from it and said: B : Have you actually been able to find out more from this psychic source that is still very nebulous to me? You were going to tell me today why you can accept such messages. G : Yes I have, and it is quite a lot. We for instance denote the lawful behaviour of cells and molecules, as well as that of atoms, as INFORMATION that we receive from the universe. The exact exploration of this INFORMATION is an excellent opportunity to verify the existence of an ingenious CREATOR. There will then no longer be a way avoid the conclusion the great INFORMER within the universe possesses a CONSCIOUSNESS and this conclusion brings us to the fact that a living GOD exists. But this GOD is not a human being, but a CENTRAL UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. HE is the greatest CONSCIOUSNESS for the existing worlds that exists throughout the universe. He is the INFORMER for all of creation, which represents HIS executed WILL. The visitor looked at his colleague with surprise, but didn’t say anything. In the meantime, the wind had come up again outside and it rattled the shutters. The sky had clouded over and a few snowflakes started to swirl past the window. The host got up and placed new logs on the fire and checked the closed windows. He contemplatively looked at the star studded sky through the large panorama window of his living room. G : We shudder when we think of the unimaginable size of the universe. We shudder even more when we contemplate the presence of a WORLD of SPIRIT. Why is this so? – I will tell you why. The WORLD of SPIRIT demands so much fantasy from us that we prefer to simply reject it. This ignorance is designed to extricate oneself from the demands of one’s own mind. But the psycho-sciences may not give up where academic science no longer wants to participate. The psycho-sciences do indeed penetrate deep into occultism and thereby into the secrets of creation. Divine INFORMATION is a LAW that is coercive. Not physical matter, but GOD is the INFORMER. Physical matter is indeed alive, but it differs in that it is more lethargic in its movements than an animated organism. Who, my dear colleague, will deny these days that molecules or atoms possess vital movements? Life and movement are no yardsticks in regards to death or immortality. Movement as a manifestation of existence can only take place within animated matter. Only animated matter, ergo an animated organism is denoted as “life”. The mental content within animate matter cannot be dismissed and GOD is the only SOURCE that animates an organism. INFORMATION is GOD’S TELEPATHY that reaches every atom. All the secrets of life, of growth, of control and eternal progress are found within this INFORMATION. INFORMATION is the actual genesis and no theology can replace it. It is the unveiling of divine activity. It is the greatest scientific mystery of all time. One has to imagine that every cell, every atom is surrounded by an invisible and presently still immeasurable spiritual ENVELOPE, just like every living being. Therein exists the unimaginable work of the

INFORMATION PROCESS and in particular the ABSORBTION of INFORMATION. Orthodox science shows no interest in spiritual facts, because it will not acknowledge anything that it cannot measure or weigh. Psychic’s research documentation tells us that every atom possesses a vegetative micro-consciousness. Experience flows into this “consciousness”. The behaviour of the atom is also controlled by this microconsciousness, roughly the way the heartbeat is controlled by the brain. But because we show so little interest in the spiritual, we are constantly confronted with new riddles. However, these riddles could be instantly solved, if one would finally get off one’s high horse and acknowledge the SOURCE of ALL BEING! But one is actually even ashamed of saying the word “GOD”, one prefers a riddle, one prefers an “X”. I am absolutely convinced that in spite of all the scientific considerations and insights into nature, people will never be able to avoid the fact that they will have to give account of their life here on Earth after their demise. But this fact does not sit well with neither my colleagues, politicians and specifically not with most theologians. A popular opinion holds that the human soul is “a product of the parents”. The soul would therefore have to be a new creation. If this theory was correct it could not make an exception with identical twins. The soul would also have to divide in the same way that the ovum does. We have one of the many pieces of evidence here that tell us that the soul is something individual, something that is incarnated into a physical body. B : A remarkable conclusion, my dear colleague. One should actually promote research in this direction. If the results should prove to be conclusive, a lot of things on Earth could change. I know that the INFORMATION plays an important role in biology. No cell thrives without it. It is akin to the way my computer works; the results will be useless if I program it incorrectly. G : An excellent comparison! But that’s not all. – The PROGRAMMING by the CREATOR is therefore incredibly comprehensive according to psychic reports. This type of PROGRAMMING cannot be found in physical matter. It comes from the cosmos in a spiritual FORM and it has an effect on physical matter. Not a single wound would heal if this INFORMATION didn’t exist. – Every sensible human being has to admit that such ingenious INFORMATION cannot develop of its own volition. Matter didn’t create itself in order to be ingenious. Ingenuity is a characteristic of the spirit! B : Yes indeed! – Do go on. G : INFORMATION is the key to the WORLD of SPIRIT, those regions where intelligence resides and intelligence stands “sky high” above matter. The spirit is eternal, but matter constantly changes. Intelligence is a non-physical PROCESS, outside of physical matter and it is only connected to it. The human consciousness also lies within the cosmos and certainly not in physical matter. Consciousness belongs to the soul and not the physical body. Our physical body only represents a kind of receiver of consciousness. B : Slowly, slowly, dear colleague. – People’s thoughts are created within their brain and the brain is the seat of their consciousness. Do you really want to question this? G : Absolutely! To think that our thought processes take place in the brain is factually wrong! Next to other experts, this opinion is also shared by the Australian psychologist Sir John Eccles, who as you know, discovered the importance of ion currents for the transfer of impulses between the synapses of the central nervous system and for which he, Hodgkin and Huxley received the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine in 1963. – There is no need for one’s consciousness with all its memories to extricate itself from the body when death, ergo the exodus takes place. All that takes place is a separation from the physical body, ergo from matter. The actual exodus is carried out by the astral body. No changes take place within one’s consciousness. It remains where it has always been. Death is therefore not as problematic as one assumed and still assumes in non-informed circles. As you know, I myself have been one tiny step away from the final departure from this plane of existence. Believe me, these people have no idea about what they are talking about! Physical death is extraordinarily simple. It is the deactivation of a function, namely the one that separates the spirit from the body. I have experienced it myself! The physical body is completely on its own the moment it happens and solely exists of matter that is exclusively subject to the laws of matter. At that very moment, the human spirit is however also free and it is then only subject to the LAWS of the SPIRIT. I am thoroughly convinced that researching INFORMATION is the key to the mystery GOD represents. Every cell is subject to this divine INFORMATION, it is guided by it and forms according to it. You are aware my dear colleague that the human body constantly changes its cells, by discarding old ones and developing new ones. The complete exchange of all the cells of the body takes about 7 years. INFORMATION on the other hand is

spiritual PROGRAMMING, something that takes place everywhere throughout the cosmos. All types of viruses are guide by this. With the formation of a tumour for instance, the attacked cells lose their connection to the DNA-INFORMATION, that is to say, they no longer react to the divine COMMAND. This apostasy from GOD however means chaos! B : An interesting thought! – Please continue. G : The following consideration seems important to me: Because the brain is physical matter, it can only perform “the function of a relay”, that is to say, it doesn’t produce thoughts of its own, it only allows the thoughts that actually stem from the consciousness to flow through. Thoughts develop within the cosmos on the individual THOUGHT FREQUENCY of the individual concerned. Once a thought has been formed – and this happens at around a hundred time the speed of light according to psychic research reports – our COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, as I like to call it, sends the thought conceptionally to the SPIRIT BODY that belongs to the individual and then to a specific centre within the resonating, physical brain. The thought does however not remain there, it traverses through the brain to then return to its place of origin. Therefore, when a spirit entity asks its physical body to perform some action, the physical brain relay switches immediately to either execute or refuse the request. All human beings possess their individual cache of memories, conversations, impressions and thoughts from all their past lives within the enormous cosmos. Consciousness possesses the ability to seek things out and it can locate the VIBRATIONS of its memories on command, that is to say, by employing its will. These VIBRATIONS run through the brain relay like a trunk call. – Sorry, you wanted to say something? B : If one takes everything you said up to now into consideration, the sciences should have acknowledged a CREATOR in everything a long time ago. G : Well, if one looks at it from the right angle, we find that the sciences have already reached a point where they have to believe in the existence of GOD unconditionally. But the sciences do not follow the example of theology who adores a human God, it assumes the existence of a CREATIVE SPIRIT that doesn’t have the theological connotation of “God”, but one that remains nameless or is at best denoted with an “X”. One is aware that there must be an INFORMER and it would be nice if the sciences would give this EXISTENCE a corresponding name, because one has balked at using the word “God” for centuries. Information = concept, it is my opinion that this connotation would fit into our vocabulary. The visitor nodded his head in agreement and reached for his glass of wine, he didn’t drink from it, but held the glass in his hand, whilst looking meditatively at the blazing fire in the fireplace through the shimmering red wine. More to himself than anything else, he said: B : Are atoms, molecules and cells supposed to have a mind that enables them to receive INFORMATION to then act upon it after? – Incredible! G : Well, I do believe that one cannot call it “mind”. To absorb divine INFORMNATION, it actually represents a command, does not require a brain. Even human beings can think, receive telepathic commands and act upon them with or without a brain. You know yourself that there are medical cases where this process was revealed, namely when opening a skull whose content was everything else but a brain. The mind of the patient worked excellently in spite of this. The whole organism, including all muscles and nerves, is controlled through the astral body in such cases. – The same process applied when the great healer Jesus healed the lame and the blind. He activated the astral body of the inflicted through his enormous power of suggestion so it would take control of all functions. A premature spiritual SEEING and HEARING and the control over muscles and nerves took place. Atoms and cells are capable of accepting and storing spiritual VIBRATIONS of the highest oscillations. They can even infinitely multiply this cache, the way a stencil produces multiplications. In the light of our present day insights, we are capable of understanding this process more and more. But we should also courageously draw the right conclusions! – It remains to be stated that all INFORMATION cannot happen through physical matter, but that it represents a spiritual ENERGY that emanates from a UNIVERSAL THOUGHT CENTRE. GOD, as pure nature, is such a UNIVERSAL THOUGHT CENTRE and it is of enormous proportions. HIS COMMANDS to all of creation emanate from this THOUGHT CENTRE. B : How many people trust the Bible? – It is known that this book is incomprehensible or has been wrongly interpreted in many of its points. Sydney Schwarz for instance shows in his works “My first encounter with an

Angel” (Medicine Bear Publishing, Blue Hill ME, USA), that there are up to 50 different translations of important passages of the Old Testament from Hebrew to be found in English Bible translations alone. The situation with the New Testament is not considerably different – apart from the fact that we are even dealing with double translations with large sections thereof: First from the Aramaic to Greek and then from Greek to our modern languages. We don’t even have the original Aramaic texts, so we have to rely on the “original translations” into Greek, without being able to verify to what degree they are true to the original or whether various passages could be translated differently. Jesus himself spoke Aramaic. In modern times, and already during the Middle Ages, one tendentiously translated important sections of texts from Greek according to dogmatic default, ergo in a way that they “should” be understood according to Church dogma. The fact that one could also understand them and interpret them differently was kept from the masses. Complete correct linguistically alternative translations of important passages of the New Testament not only become comprehensible, but in many instances even support the idea of reincarnation. How do you see this? G : The contents of the Bible are very instructive in spite of their numerous distortions. Large sections of the Bible are true according to psychically transmitted research texts – even if they have been falsely interpreted. But a rectification of the Bible’s texts would be advisable just the same. – Yes indeed, many translators think that they are so clever that they turn their own thoughts and ideas into dogmas. For instance, according to psychically transmitted texts, it is a mistake to believe that Jesus redeemed all human beings through his blood, ergo so that they can continue to commit new sins. GOD’S mercy also has nothing to do with justice, GOD doesn’t forgive anything that trespasses against justice. The mistakes that we human beings make are certainly not forgiven. Only we ourselves can enervate them by leading a godly life and by developing ourselves higher. B : By Jove, this is powerful medicine! Did Adam and Eve also get mentioned? Did Eve really tempt Adam with an apple? G : This is also nonsense! The first human beings did not develop on this Earth, but on a different planet. Paradise, ergo Eden never existed either. On the contrary, the Earth was wild and dangerous. The first human beings on Earth had to pay all their attention to survival. – One shouldn’t even get involved in such nonsensical accounts, because it leads to nothing. Nobody progresses one step further in their higher spiritual development through this. It is on the other hand terribly important that human beings work on themselves and that they improve themselves in a spiritual, godly direction. Life on this Earth is not a once only affair, but consists of a long chain of many incarnations. A lot of thing that are written in the Bible have already come to pass and they have therefore become irrelevant. Other things have been introduced that should have been left out because they do not stem from genuine visions and inspirations, but are a product of human fantasy. Many things were cleverly disguised because they were inspired by the WORLD of DARKNESS. – The most important step the sciences could strive for would be to endeavour to bring the Holy Scripts in line with all genuine modern day revelations, because the ANTAGONIST of the CREATOR was originally also involved in the development of the Holy Scripts. These inspirational and suggestive POWERS should certainly never be underestimated! GOD’S revelations will never come to an end. They happen day after day anew and they accurately adopt themselves to the prevailing level of human development. But human beings can hinder the things GOD has planned! – Many theologians turned into advocates of the written word – or they have been turned into such advocates during their studies. The printed letter doesn’t bring beatitude, only the TRUTH that we still receive these days can. JESUS, the CHRIST, is a redeemer through the absolute TRUTH within his doctrines and through his exemplary life here on Earth. Those that follow HIS example will be released from the wheel of incarnation. This is why JESUS said: “Follow me!” – Salvation only happens through one’s own spiritualisation, through one’s own refinement, through knowledge, faith, thoughts and deeds and through the constant development of an enormous LOVE for GOD and HIS creation. The attentively listening visitor took a deep breath and stood up from the comfortable chair near the fireplace. He quietly paced back and forth in the room. The host left him alone, because he knew all too well that he expected rather a lot from his visitor. He had experienced exactly the same when he “accidently” got his hands on the research material of the Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin. He had his own near death experience on his mind and this helped him to recognise what he had found. His keen sense of logic also helped him to better understand a lot of things. The visitor knew the sharp witted intellect of his host, his extraordinary ability to combine things and his open view of the

world very well. They were very much alike in this respect. The law “like to like” also seemed to have had a hand in bringing them together. The guest had calmed down in the meantime and had returned to the chair near the fireplace. B : I read somewhere that one is still splitting hairs over the Revelations by John. Do these revelations still have meaning these days in the way there are presented? The host reached for one of the folders on the table and opened it. He leafed through it for a while before he looked up and said: G : Well now, many plans were “torn up” and many new plans took the place of the old ones. The REALM of the SPIRIT recommends the greatest caution with all the old prophecies. They hardly apply anymore because a lot of things have changed during the last couple of millennia. Some of the prophets also told tales that belong in the realm of dreams, but these tales still ended up in the Bible. The REALM of SPIRIT had the following to say, I quote the MESSENGER of LIGHT AREDOS, who conveyed the following to the Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin via a psychic 15 years old girl: ‘Well now, the Bible enjoys a high reputation amongst the faithful. Church official do not dare to doubts its content, because this would be a blasphemy against God. We, who are able to view everything from a higher vantage point hold a completely different opinion. On the contrary – the Bible is indeed in dire need of change because one has to bear in mind that it has been recorded by witnesses and through hearsay. And besides, there are more than 800 translations and transcriptions to consider. However, one single word suffices to falsify the truth. This is why it is impossible for simple average citizens to faithfully inform themselves through the Bible. One has to exercise great caution even when dealing with sayings that Christ was supposed to have uttered. Here is an example: When Christ was crucified in company of two violent criminals, he found that one of the criminals cursed his situation whilst the other already repented his deeds by saying: “We receive according to what our deeds are worth; but this one here (meaning Jesus) has not done an injustice to anyone.” Christ was supposed to have answered him: “Truly I say onto you, you will be in paradise at my side today.” This is how simple it is – according to the Bible – if one wants to go to paradise. One repents and one is redeemed. One goes to Church to confess and one receives a ticket to paradise. – No and a thousand times no! This is a dangerous falsification of the reality! Christ, who was an enlightened one, could never have said such a thing. He could at best have talked about the “hereafter” and about one’s “survival after death”, but never about paradise, because paradise is the highest sphere within God’s Realm. The path that leads there is far, far more difficult than a little remorse! This path leads through many reincarnations – people must first of all deserve it, they must work on themselves, work hard in order to reach the spiritual level that makes them worthy of being near God. Real thinkers have therefore distanced themselves from the Bible, not only that, but unfortunately also from Churches. I cannot even blame them for this, because those that recognise lies are afraid that they will not find the truth. One can also not allow one’s enemies to slap one’s face and then turn the other cheek. This also represents a distortion, because those that are beaten should distance themselves as far away as possible and not offer themselves as a target. End of citation. B : My goodness, if normal-thinking people try to make an attempt to understand the Bible lock, stock and barrel, they find out pretty fast that quite a lot doesn’t fit together. G : This is because the Church, in its cowardice, is not prepared to admit and to eradicate its mistakes. B : What would happen if the Church did actually accept the doctrine of reincarnation? Would this not make the whole edifice of their doctrine come crashing down? G : If the Church would accept the doctrine of reincarnation, some of its present power structures would come crashing down. But it could also open up to an original Christian truth that it has criminally denied thus far. The Church would not go under, it would be renewed instead and once again gain respect and new affections – particularly if it had the courage to admit its mistakes and aberrations. A fundamental reorientation according to