The last trumpet

with images of my own fancy. I tried to forget everything and to escape from these thoughts, but this wouldn’t let me in peace! In order to emerge from this unrest, I prayed to God and asked him: “Lord, I cannot remember everything, but if it is your will, repeat it to my once again and I will publish it!” About two weeks past when I saw this revelation once again, for the second time – it was during the night at around 10pm – and I had no doubt this time around: I took a pencil and paper to hand and began to write down all the events that played out in front of my eyes. I wrote until one o’clock in the morning. I was too tired by then and could not continue to write, As I was already 79 years old I asked God to allow me to rest and if it was his will, for me to write down everything, he might allow me to experience the continuation of this revelation the next day. I laid myself down and immediately went to sleep. After one week, exactly like the last time at night, I heard the rest of the revelation and continued exactly from where it had been interrupted. This is a description of the revelation the way that I received it and I expect that I will be able to awaken souls with it, so that they can turn to God before “The last trumpet” resounds. Olav Rodge It happened one morning at around 9am at the house of the family André – only his wife was present and she was engaged in listening to a radio program for children. She likes to listen to this program, because God’s word is mentioned sometimes and she is pleased to know that a lot of children hear God’s word. But she thinks that one has to be very careful with choosing the right words so that the children do not turn into fanatics. After the radio program had run for about 5 minutes it was suddenly interrupted and an announcer gave the following news in an agitated voice: ‘We have just received news from the capital Oslo that a panic broke out in the city! I ask you to pay attention to this news item! The police department announced that something mysterious has taken place. It is not possible at this time to ascertain the number of people that suddenly disappeared – adolescents as well as adults – without leaving the slightest trail behind. The police presently finds it impossible to give us more information about this event and also about the individuals that have disappeared, because they are innumerable! One is trying to immediately inform the police commissioner when one discovers that someone from a family has disappeared. We ask people to come forward with all details and all circumstances connected with the disappearances to make the task of the authorities easier, namely to find an explanation for these mysterious occurrences!” New newsflashes were broadcast after a few minutes, one more sensational than the other! The radio announcer reported that a lot of shopkeepers in the city disappeared whilst serving their customers. A customer at a florist told the police that whilst he was paying the bill, the shopkeeper suddenly disappeared whilst handing him the change and nobody knew where he had gone. Something however caught the attention of the customer, namely that he had heard a few words that sounded like “glory to Jesus” or “Jesus Christ is the victor!” He then no longer saw the shopkeeper. He rubbed his eyes because this seemed incredible to him and he professed to have seen a slight fog, but nothing after. The radio station broadcast one report after another. One report was about a woman who screamed in desperation, she trembled and cried whilst throwing the blankets and pillows out of the baby’s