The all-important Why

96 Learning tolerance Dear reader, you are probably wondering why I neither talked about faith nor religion. This was intentional. I know people that have a hard time with religion and with faith. I did not want to make it even harder for them to read my writing. Most of what I have written is therefore logical and comprehensible and it has little to do with creed or belief. It is simple, spiritual knowledge and one can read about it at various other sources. And I live with this knowledge. My way of believing developed from this. I deliberately say “my way of believing”, because there are thousands of ways of believing. And everyone has the right and the freedom to follow their own understanding and feelings and believe or not believe accordingly. It is important to finally comprehend this. Right up to present, modern times, people fight one another to the bitter end, because they think that God (they might call him Allah) expect this from them. The feel that they must defend their faith against all other faiths with all available means. What a fallacy! Once we can recognise that all of us are on the path back to our original homeland, like the prodigal son, we can concede to ourself that everyone has the right to believe what they feel is right during their present incarnation. (For as long as it doesn’t adversely affect anyone else.) It is their right and nobody may intervene. I used to have strict ideas about how one should believe and how not to believe. I have distanced myself from this notion ever since the idea of rebirth anchored itself inside of me. I now know: Every soul will develop further without fail. All of them will gain more understanding and more insights from one life to another. (“In brackets” I would however like to express one more thought: If you find yourself in a religious community that takes your freedom of thought away from you, that tries to scare you with the idea of eternal hell and eternal damnation and that puts constant pressure on you so that you walk around with a guilty conscience and makes you lose your joie de vivre - you must seriously consider whether this community is the right one for you at this point