The all-important Why

92 But what is the situation like with people where everything seems to go smoothly for them? They are healthy, they have the necessary small change to survive and everything seems to go according to plan. We know of such people. But when we take a closer look, we discover that their seemingly easy life has one or two painful problems. Ergo: “Everyone carries their own package.” Once again: All people of good will have, as souls, given their consent when their life plan was decided upon. They agreed with it, because they wanted to progress as a soul. They knew that this could be achieved if they had to battle with difficulties. (Whoever thought that this could be the case?) They might have had the desire to atone for something. Because, as mentioned before, we were not only victims in our past lives, we were surely also perpetrators. We might also have had power and we misused this power? Did we deride and disadvantage poor and crippled people? Did we rob others of their possession through slyness? Whether it’s stealing, cheating, ripping off or even murder - all of this could be on the cards. Many a difficult and disadvantaged life could be explained with this in mind. * Our free will in regards to our life plan does not just show itself through the fact that we agreed with it before we were born. We naturally have our free will in our new life on Earth also and we can be deviated from our life plan. This happens through numerous events within our life on Earth and often only minor parts of the life plan are implemented. Very much to the regret of the soul, once it had returned to the realm of spirit. But the soul picks itself up most of the time and renews its effort in the direction of its perfection.