The all-important Why

8 The all-important Why We sat once again around the kitchen table. My friend had complained again about her hardship, illness, fears and insecurities. “There must be a reason why this is happening to me” she wailed. “What could I have possibly done wrong?” She really tried to do everything correctly according to her own belief system. But she talked about guilt and punishment in spite of this. How often have I tried to talk her out of this idea of guilt and punishment and also this constant self-accusation? And I tried once again to give her my views about the meaning of life and our suffering. She asked her questions and she must have been in agreement of what I presented to her. When I had finished, she asked: “Could you not put everything that you just told me to paper?” “That would be a lot of work” I answered. “And you wouldn´t read it anyway.” I do know that my good old friend often lacked the concentration to read longer coherences due to an illness. “If you write it down, I will certainly read it” she promised me. Oh well, so I promised her that I would write it down. “But I will add a few more things to it” I said to her. “You must however give me time to do this, because it will take some time.” She agreed and promised to be patient. I now have a promise to fulfil. I will write in such a way that my friend will find it easy to understand. I also take my other fellow human beings into consideration, because they might also find that my writing could help them one day. Because great perplexity reigns in regards to diseases, suffering and dying. It always has and does particularly so these days. It is the all-important Why. * How did it happen that I, as an old woman, often act as a “comforter” in the nursing home next door and other places? It simply developed from my way