The all-important Why

86 This means that a lot of things would have taken a different turn in our life without the attentiveness of our invisible companions. According to my experience, we do well to team up with them, to trust them and to consciously take advantage of their help. Besides, this doesn’t infringe upon our free will whatsoever. Because we always decide whether we want to accept a “recommendation” by our invisible companions. As it happens, we don‘t do often enough. Over again I hear and read that it would be a good idea to consciously talk to our invisible helpers and to ask them to come to us. It is said that they like to be asked and invited - to make it so much easier for them to help and to intervene. I have been doing this for years. I find that as an older person, it is indeed wonderful to feel accompanied day and night. Again, I expose my inner feelings when I confess here: For at least 15 years I have been saying every morning: “Dear brothers and sisters, I greet you and I welcome you with an open heart,” or I say something like that. With “brothers and sisters” I mean angels and invisible helpers. They are my siblings because we have the same Father. I therefore call them brothers and sisters. I am absolutely sure that they are here. Don’t think that I am alone - a lonely old woman - when you see me walking through a meadow. The fact is that I am never alone. It is my firm belief that I am always accompanied. * I hold in my memory a long series of experiences that I equate with my invisible companions. One thing is for sure, I would not be sitting here so peacefully at my computer without them. I would have departed for the other world a long time ago. Why didn’t I drown back then? Why did I escape from having a frontal collision in such a wonderful way? Why didn’t I fall to my death at that time? Why have I escaped death so often? I see it in this light these days: My time was not up. According to my life’s plan, I was supposed to live a little longer and this is why my invisible companions saved me so I could live on. This raises the question: Does a plan for our life really exists? Is it possible that a lot of things are predetermined? Isn’t everything coincidence or simply one’s fate, as some maintain? There are voices that assert that a plan actually exists for each of us. But how does our free will tolerate such a plan?