The all-important Why

73 Lucifer did not receive the Father’s permission to take the place of “the son”. But this Prince of Light had got completely involved in this desire and influenced us to such a degree, that we were prepared to go with him to experience something new and to develop ourselves outside of our heavenly homeland. We must have imagined that it would probably be extremely beautiful. The Father let us go with a heavy heart. We hear from various sources that we did not go voluntarily, that we were “evicted”, because we were not ready to relinquish our desire and did not let it rest. Be that as it may: We lost our beautiful home. This reminds us of the symbolical story of Adam and Eve and their ejection from paradise. They had also wanted more than to simply be happy and content dwellers in this wonderful garden. - It is said that one third of the inhabitants of the heavenly regions have left their original homeland in this way. And you and me, we were with them! It would otherwise not be necessary for us to live here on Earth now with all the problems and catastrophes that we face here.