The all-important Why

71 Where we come from Dear reader, you must have gathered by now that the thing that is of the greatest importance is the soul and it will always be the soul. The body changes over again. But what remains is the soul. To put it differently: The driver is always the same - he only uses different vehicles. To comprehend this is in itself a really great step on our journey towards understanding and towards our humaneness. But now: Where does the soul actually come from? I find that the time has come to talk about the major coherences so that we can finally solve our Why question. But do remember that my knowledge can also only be partial knowledge. We mortal human beings cannot fathom everything and that’s a fact. But we can learn to understand the rough outlines. It would probably be appropriate here to at least believe something. I find that the things that we have discussed so far, life after death and the idea of reincarnation, can quite easily be grasped by the mind. There is a certain logic in it. But what comes now can seem like a fairy-tale effect to you or sound like a legend. Therefore, dear reader: Accept it simply as a legend to begin with; there is usually a core of truth in legends, don’t you think? Our “history”: All of us that live here on Earth emerged from God an infinitely long time ago. God placed a spark of his love, a spark of his divinity inside of us. This is why some people say: “We are divine. We are God’s children.” This is where this Father-Child notion Christian tradition adheres to has its origin. Accordingly, the highest power within the universe is our Father! And this applies to all the people we encounter, also each and everyone that we see in the news. This can certainly go beyond our capacity to imagine things, but we could consider it possible, couldn’t we? Even though one might not see it on the outside, we are of divine origin inside. (Well, I say so, but you do not necessarily have to believe it. It is up to you.)