The all-important Why

69 in past lives, were decidedly also terrible, were traumatic and the soul still remembers it all! And parts of it stick to our subconscious. There are people whose throat tightens up when they smell frankincense or hear an organ play. They become ill by just entering a Church or a graveyard. Why this is so can only be explained on hand of possible terrible experiences in a previous life. Did the soul for instance have some horrific experiences with the Church during the Middle Ages? The inquisition with its tortures, pyres and the burning of witches springs to mind, allegedly all in the name of God and Jesus Christ whilst the Church bells were ringing and pious words were spoken! The soul never forgot these traumatic experiences. This can be one of the reasons why somebody will instinctively reject everything to do with religion and the Church. We therefore carry an infinite number of impressions from past lives within us. We are not aware of them, but they are there just the same. We were however not just victims; we were naturally also perpetrators. Who knows what kind of terrible deeds we have done in the past? We might also have been very cruel; we just no longer remember it. But our soul still knows about it. We were not always as tame and good-natured as we are today. It is however the way we are today and it is the result of all our past lives. Und we are surprised to find that all of us are so completely different and that we have the most peculiar and the strangest character traits? Some will not climb an observation tower at all cost whilst some will, for all the money in the world, not step unto a boat. Some faint by the sight of blood whilst other get into a panic when they see a large dog. Why is one afraid of rats, mice and spiders? Why do some small children cry their eyes out when asked to get into the water at the beach? How can one be afraid of certain colours, smells or noises? Where do these nightmares stem from? When one takes the possibility of reincarnation into consideration, one is able to understand some of this. I know that all of these thoughts and considerations take some getting used to when one has never heard about them before. Even if one keeps an open mind, it can take years before the idea of rebirth becomes part of one’s own, completely normal view of the world. This was so in my case; it did indeed take a long time.