The all-important Why

6 A hearty welcome! At this very moment you are entering the private abode of an old teacher and she is happy to let you in. This is where you will gradually find out what takes place inside of her and her inner thoughts. You will read here the things she does not talk about. She doesn’t talk about it because her thoughts are too different from what is talked and believed within Church and religious communities. She would not like to affront anybody and the things she has to say cannot be just brushed aside with a few words. The story of her life led to a situation at some stage where she could no longer be content with the customary. And this is where she “deviated” and started to write down all the things that she has made her own during decades of searching, questioning and research. She is aware that this could not only trigger a shaking of heads, but also protests and the old teacher might get into trouble. But she holds the opinion that she can deal with that and that it is far more important for her to not mince words for once and honestly write about the things that move her and about what makes her what she is. She thinks that it might answers pressing questions for the one or the other who reads this and helps them to go through life with confidence in these troubled times. *- We live at a time where fears and uncertainty gain ground. We become more reflective. What holds the future for our planet Earth and for us, its inhabitants? And this is my spiritual contribution to our situation. Please do not feel aggrieved about anything when you now read what I have to say. And particularly do not feel talked into anything, just take what you can presently utilise from it. Leave all the rest aside. Deal with this in a most relaxed way and also realise that you might not be able to absorb all of it in one fell swoop. Some of it might be rather unfamiliar - as you will see.