The all-important Why

53 A letter from the hereafter In order to illustrate this in more detail I would like to mention a little book here, one that I like very much and therefore have read a number of times. Its past history leads us to Brazil: For over one hundred years, there also exists a very lively, spiritualistic Church in Brazil next to the dominating Catholic Church, it might similar to the one in England, and more than 4 million Brazilians belong to it. As in England, the aim is to connect to God, but also to engage with the world of spirit. This means that they are also familiar with the theme of “mediumship”. The very well-known writing medium Francisco Cândido Xavier (1910 - 2002) lived in Brazil. One can see photos of him on the internet. What is a writing medium? This simple employee, one can read on the internet that the Brazilians regarded him as extremely humble and charitable, sat down with a pen and sheets of paper (I could observe this on an old video) and internally prepared himself to act as a medium, ergo to serve as a channel for the world of spirit. Some extremely rapid writing started without interference from him, something he couldn’t influence. Because his hand was controlled from the hereafter, he had no idea what it was writing. This is how numerous books filled with messages from the world of spirit eventuated. We are told that what he earned from his books was given to charitable organisations. This is how a thin little book came into being, titled: “Message from a Teen in the Spirit World - dictated by the spirit Neio Lúcio”. This booklet originated in Brazil in 1947 and it was translated from Portuguese into several languages, including English. The youth’s name was Carlos and he died from diphtheria aged 14. One year later, after he had already spent one year in the hereafter, he was allowed to write a long letter to his younger brother Dirceu who still lived on Earth. One of his teachers in the hereafter, Neio Lúcio let it be known that this letter was written down via the writing medium F. C. Xavier. What impressed me very much about this letter was how graphically and intelligibly Carlos was able to describe when he was laying there dying and what happened after. I would like to tell you some of it at this point. You will be interested.