The all-important Why

51 This is a careful attempt to visually indicate the various levels of the hereafter and to describe them: Even though hell doesn’t exist, we do have these dark and cold worlds according to our present day insights, one could also say: Valleys of the cold and loveless hearts. These are places of reformation for souls that acted without love and empathy on Earth, that might have been cruel, hard hearted and greedy for power and burdened themselves with much guilt. They were also not willing to change their attitude during their time on Earth. They find that to change their way of thinking and to “raise” their consciousness is a very difficult path to take in the hereafter, if they do not want to continue to remain in darkness. If they are prepared to accept help, they are visited, taught and enlightened by higher beings. The moment they change a little and show good will, they are helped to leave these dark worlds and to ascend to the lowest plane within heaven. It isn’t all that beautiful there, but it is bearable. It apparently never gets really bright there, it is a “twilight land”. But every soul has some very simple accommodation, clothes and, if willing, the opportunity to pursue regular work. They are instructed and they gradually realise that it is up to them to ascend higher one day, to spiritual worlds where conditions are indeed “heavenly”: With wholesome light and glorious nature, with neat gardens and beautiful landscapes. The accommodation there is agreeable, one is well dressed, one can select one’s work and even learn new things. One virtually goes to school to learn more “hereafter lore” until one understands what one has to do to be able to ascend even higher. Because every individual soul’s development will always continue. I can only indicate what’s above these landscapes with stars. Because there are apparently worlds above that are incredibly beautiful according to our concepts. As I said before, this can only be an attempt to describe parts of the world of the hereafter, it comes from messages from the other side that we can nowadays read about at various locations