The all-important Why

49 light was supposed to be “supernatural”. The animals are tame and they come to you so that you can pet them… In as far as I have understood it, most of us will find one another on one of the middle “planes” one day, all according to how we developed during our life on Earth. As souls, we will be educated and advised by “higher entities”. We will probably encounter our deceased friends and relatives, particularly those we were close to. Maybe also with our adversaries and we might then be able to reconcile with them. I gained the impression that we will also see our pets again, those that we had a very close relationship with. And we will certainly perform some sort of work there! Isn’t this astonishing? There is no idleness or boredom in the world of the hereafter. We will be allocated a job or we may select one ourselves. We will still have our free will. And we will certainly learn more. But we will not encounter the Lord of this infinitely large and wide world of spirit where we find ourselves. We will still be far away from Him. God, the Father is much, much higher. We would not be able to bear his countenance at all. We will however see angels and other eminent beings and be able to converse with them. They will answer our questions and also advise us. And they will also encourage us to trust the Almighty, to love him and to pray to him. * I would like to add a little parable story here, one that I heard during an interview with Beat Imhof: A woman had lived her whole life in affluence and luxury. After she had died and had arrived in the hereafter, the place of residence allocated to her was just a tiny, pathetic and warped wooden hut. She became angry and upset and complained to the very first angel she encountered: “How can this be?” “Well,” answered the angel, “we were unfortunately not able to build something better with the material you brought with you from Earth.” What “material” was the angel of this anecdote talking about?