The all-important Why

48 The hereafter is therefore not the only hereafter. Heaven is also not the only heaven. There are therefore an infinite number of different “planes” and worlds within this infinitely vast realm, bright ones and not so bright one, beautiful ones and less beautiful ones. How we live there, with whom we live and how we will fare is not subject to chance. It completely depends on the attitude, the awareness and the expected “harvest” that we bring with us from Earth. Like attracts like. Due to the fact that all of us have a conscience, we are naturally aware just how we should be: Namely loving, helpful, honest, generous, orderly, righteous, forgiving, compassionate, moderate, patient etc. And we also know the things that drag us down and what we should forbear. This is how our world of thoughts, feelings and our conscious awareness forms during our life. And depending on how our soul developed during this life on Earth, the place where we find ourselves as souls after our demise will be accordingly. We get to the place that is fit for us. Once we are “over there” we will get the opportunity to review our life and to assess it. What was good and what was less so? Where did we succeed, where did we fail and where did we go wrong? What was of value and what was worthless? What have we failed to do? We will probably learn a lot and we will probably feel sorry about some of the things. We will however realise after that there will be no standing still for us. We have to strive to develop ever further in the hereafter also, towards improvement, love, understanding and recognition in order to find perfection someday. This is something that I read about everywhere, not just with T. W. Stead. We are regularly instructed, because we are rather ignorant when we arrive over there! By the way, there are glorious landscapes, rivers, mountains and lakes in the world of the hereafter, beautiful trees and bushes and enchanted gardens. There are supposed to exist wonderful flowers there too, like the ones that grow here on Earth, but also others that we do not have here. There are supposed to be beautiful regions there, glorious buildings and parks, all according to the “sphere” one finds oneself in. The air can be filled with invigorating scents and wonderful music. These are the things one reads about over again. And the