The all-important Why

39 We should therefore also absorb this in our world of thoughts, namely that this invisible world exists around us and that we are constantly, invisibly accompanied and observed. This could be by our guardian angels or other invisible helpers or also other spirit entities. Nobody lies alone and abandoned in intensive care or on a deathbed. “Abandoned by God and the world?” This idiom is only partially correct. God and his helpers never abandon us. Well, this is the conviction I arrived at. A person might seem abandoned looking from the outside, but invisible entities are certainly present. Everything is accurately controlled from the other side. To clarify this in a different way: Let us assume that somebody unexpectedly dies during the night. Nobody is there, nobody notices it. But invisible helpers must have been with that person, attentive and filled with compassion, to observe it. And when the time came, they helped him to slowly separate his soul from the spent body. These helpers then silently floated away with this soul. This is how we can imagine this. This is probably the case with all others that die alone: The soldiers during wars, the mountain climber who falls to his death in the solitude of the mountains, all the people that instantly die in an accident - their souls are collected, lovingly salvaged and taken care of. A plane was intentionally brought down in the French Alps a few years ago, do you remember this? The pilot had been mentally ill. Only tiny parts of the bodies remained, they were strewn all over the rocks in a wide circle - a terrible sight to contemplate, or? These corpses could not be recovered and buried. But these souls were recovered and taken to the world of spirit. This gives me consolation, probably to you as well. These souls must have been incredibly distraught and confused. To be flung out of one’s body so abruptly! But a soul remains a soul, remains a vitality and is indestructible. I like to recommend this to everybody: Do not be afraid of dying! What happens before you die can indeed be really severe and grave. But it does come to an end sometime. Dying in itself is not terrible. It only takes a tiny moment, like a short instant of unconsciousness - and one is able to see one’s body “from outside”. And this is the beginning of a new life - in the hereafter. This is also something that each individual could contemplate within themselves.