The all-important Why

33 I could imagine this very well and this image impressed me. It was a comfort to me and it made me feel completely calm and confident when I sat with dying people later in life. I always thought: Something natural is taking place here: the soul disengages itself from this used up body. How pleased and relieved will the soul feel when it realises that it has managed to arrive “on the other side”! Death is no longer a full stop to me; it is rather a colon and we know that there is more to come after a colon. But how do things progress after? What can the soul expect on the other side? Does a genuine life after death really exist? And what would it look like? We have only been able to assume it up to now. But as I said before, starting 150 years ago we got to hear more and more about what we can expect when we as a soul have left our body. It has virtually turned into a science, but unfortunately not (yet) an officially recognised science and not taught at any university. A lot of statements by the deceased (from the hereafter) have been collected, sorted and evaluated. And building upon these results one can dare to make a number of valid statements about life after death. This has also really nothing to do with religion or belief systems. It is simply implemented according to a law of nature. *