The all-important Why

32 When somebody leaves us It is first and foremost important to me that you can even better understand the coherence between the body and the soul. This does not necessarily have anything to do with “faith”. Simply accept it as a law of nature, a biological fact: A body cannot function and be vital without this inherent energy, the soul. To be correct I would probably have to write “spirit soul”. But I will simplify things by calling the thing that resides in every human being, “soul”. We can easily recognise what it means to have a soul live inside of us, when someone dies. He or she were breathing a minute ago, but suddenly: No more breath! The face turns gradually grey and a strange atmosphere enters the room. “Life” has left the body. What happens during the dying process? The soul that gave the body its vitality for years or decades, leaves the terrestrial shell, the body. “He breathed out his soul” was a common phrase in the past. One often says these days and rightly so, “He passed away”. We know inside, and we can also perceive and sense that something decisive has taken place: The body is now “empty”. An illness, old age or an accident was the trigger for the soul being no longer able to remain in the body. But it is quite often the case that the allocate time for that person had simply run out. * The first time this became somewhat more clearly to me was in 1982 (four years after my husband’s death), when I read the booklet “The Ministry of Angels” by the English nurse Joy Snell. This woman, she was clairvoyant and psychically gifted, made the following observation during her night vigils 100 years ago: Whenever the end for a patient was near, she almost always saw two figures standing near the dying. It looked as if they were waiting. Joy Snell thought that they were angels, but sometimes probably also deceased relatives or friends. Somewhere along the line, the breathing came to a stop and the heart beat its last beat. The strangers seemed to have waited for this to happen. They helped the soul to free itself and they took this “soul body” into their arms and floated away with it. Joy Snell writes that this often looked so beautiful that she could only rejoice at the sight of this.