The all-important Why

29 thoughts, sensations, feelings, knowledge, inner visions and memories. - And all of us emanate something invisible. After all that I have written so far you can come to the conclusion that the survival after our demise is quite a normal thought to me. The things that happened around Paul Meek do therefore not surprise me at all. It is a matter of course to me that human beings continue to live as souls, as spirit entities after their demise, exactly the way we do but without this physical body. We as souls do not experience death. We continue to live, on and on. It has also become gradually clear to me that: My soul, my life as it were, something that is also called “spirit spark” or “divine spark”, is actually my “real me”. Only my body can be dead. It does indeed decay after its demise. To understand this and to have this attitude towards life is a great step in our human existence. I mean that those that have adopted this simple truth live differently, more knowingly. * On another subject: I do find that we can easily use the term “heaven”, because according to all the reports that I have read, this glorious, bright and wellordered world “up there” does really exist. All of them say and write the same. We do find it difficult to imagine it at first, but it has become something natural to me in the meantime. Yes, and what about this so-called hell? We heard this word now and again since early childhood, even if it was only in a Punch and Judy show. What I found out bit by bit was that very dark, cold, boggy and disgusting regions do actually exist on the lowest levels of the otherworldly world. One doesn’t wish this on anyone, namely that they end up there. Souls that were really abnormally evil during their time on Earth live there amongst snakes and monsters, souls that prefer to remain unteachable, cruel and detached from God. They remain there until they change their mind and are prepared to receive help.