The all-important Why

27 What I can consider to be true As I am writing this chapter, I specifically think about those amongst my fellow men that say about themselves that they find it very hard to believe in anything. I can understand this completely and this is why I do not want to be too intrusive when I write about what I can consider to be true. Therefore: After all that I ever heard and read about otherworldly messages, I can only come to the conclusion that this higher power actually exists. This is being confirmed by the hereafter over again. Some people have this knowledge instinctively from early childhood. In Christendom we call this higher power “God”, “Lord” or “Father”. God is invisible and unimaginable to us. But what we can see of God are his enormous works. The immeasurable universe on the one hand and the miracles under the microscope on the other hand. And lots and lots of other things in between, too numerous to recount. This is one thing. One can contemplate this. But something that is equally difficult for most of us to understand: There is invisible “life” all around us. And I also believe that this is true. Spirit entities exist that manage without a physical body. They are everywhere, invisible to us and they can also be very close by. This is a little harder to comprehend. We human children are completely relying on our sense of vision. And to imagine that somebody is next to us that we cannot see, takes some getting used to, because we are not clairvoyant like Paul Meek. I have come to the conviction that something like angels, guardian angels and heaven beings do actually exist. This is not a fairy-tale story to me. The wings depicted in pictures are only loving symbols of their manoeuvrability. Because they can move with ease to everywhere they have a task to fulfil. This is also confirmed by Paul Meek. In the meantime, I also hold as true that they can go through closed doors and through walls, being spirit entities, nothing can hinder them.