The all-important Why

25 Christian theology has, as far as I am able to assess this, stood still by sticking to its old statements: Rest until Judgment Day, resurrection of the dead, Last Judgment, eternal damnation, heaven and hell, purgatory etc. “May God give him or her eternal peace!” or “We hope for the resurrection on Judgment Day”, is quoted at funerals. What kind of peace is this supposed to be for those that lie in a grave to gradually decay? And then the “resurrection” after an undetermined length of time? This is something that I could never really believe. I am convinced these days that we continue to live immediately after our demise. And a lot of people also believe this in the meantime. More about this later. I knew nothing about life after death when my husband suddenly died. I only had a completely blurred inkling about it. In my grief and my search for comfort I avidly acknowledged, tested and contemplated the new insights that I gained from psychic proclamations, when the time was right. A lot of it was plausible and comprehensible to me. It warmed my heart and invigorated me like I never experienced before. And there was nothing there that could have scared me, on the contrary. My world of thought and my view of the world gradually changed. I could never again think the way I did in the past. But what was the result of my search? I am completely aware that it might not be obvious to some readers right away. But I dare to report what I found in spite of this and I will carefully turn one page after another.