The all-important Why

24 strange tongues”, something he mentions a number of times, he meant a spirit talking in a strange language that none of those present can understand, whilst the medium is in a trance. This was regarded as particularly conclusive in the old days. But Paul admonished the members of the community, because they were so keen on it, even though it did not bring them any spiritual progress.) It is important to also mention a sentence in 1 John 4: “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they come from God. Because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” To know this is imperative: Not everything that comes from “the other side of the veil” is automatically positive and true. Because there are also dark spirit entities. Dear reader, I imagine that you have never heard something like this. But this theme, “News from another world” is important to us if we want to answer the question of the all-important Why. We should simply know more about it. A lot of things have happened in this respect in our time, I mean the last 150 years to today. A lot of circles have gained renown, circles through which spiritual messages filled with wisdom reached people and still reach people today. As I told you, I experienced this first hand for years myself. This happened and is still happening, as far as I can know, not only in America, but more intensively in England and Brazil, but also in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and surely in lots of other countries that I have no reports about. Such messages from the hereafter are mostly recoded on tape these days and then transcribed later. How our knowledge about the world of the hereafter and about life after death has expanded through this is simply overwhelming. Seeking and questioning people have unimagined opportunities to gain more insights these days, also through the internet. I am presently reading, for the second time, a thick book by the Swiss psychologist Beat Imhof titled “Wie auf Erden so im Himmel”. The amount of knowledge, citations and documentation this man collected in regards to the theme “Life after death” is hard to believe. The knowledge about the hereafter becomes ever more comprehensible these days through such books.