The all-important Why

23 News from another world Something Paul Meek probably did to a lesser degree was “channelling”. What is channelling? The medium, ergo a psychically gifted person, brings its own thoughts to a standstill and even falls at times into a so-called “psychic sleep” (a special gift) thereby offering itself as a “channel” for messages that come from the other world to people here. Often long lectures occur in this way, so for instance about Jesus, about the spiritual, otherworldly world, about the meaning of life and about passages from the Bible that seem incomprehensible to us. Paul Meek maintains that the origin of all religions is found in mediumship. Prophets, seers and wise or so-called “saints” have always been the “mouthpieces” for messages from heavenly beings. And this not just during biblical times. I was personally able to experience such psychic proclamations in a group and this for years. These were impressive experiences and they gave me the certainty that an invisible world actually exists, that we are never alone and that we are lovingly observed and accompanied. I also gradually recognised where my former religious understanding had not always been correct. I would certainly not entertain the thought of mentioning this in a Christian group, because it would be labelled as “Spiritism” and simply seen as something godless or even dangerous. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of mischief has taken place with contacts with the hereafter. As far as I know, the Christian Churches in Germany and elsewhere categorically reject the idea of contact with the hereafter, at least up to now. Their most important book, the Bible, is however full of such things! Are you a little familiar with the Bible? Whenever it states: “And the Lord talked to…”, it must have been dealing with a message “from the other side”, don’t you think? “And the angel talked to Zacharias…” - this couldn’t have come from this World! If you are interested you should read Chapter 14 in the First Letter to the Corinthians in the New Testament. Whenever Paul uses the word “prophetic speech” he means what we call “psychic proclamations” these days. And he beseechingly admonished the community in Corinth: “Strive for prophetic speech!” Meaning: Endeavour to find good mediums. (With “Speaking in