The all-important Why

22 I believe that it is Paul Meek’s genuine wish to take the fear of dying and death from people. And he certainly makes a contribution in this respect. His television appearances reached a lot of people in Germany and the echo was overwhelming. His books were also bestsellers (See the last chapter “Suggested books and videos”). I do not strive to make contact with the deceased myself, even if I knew of a talented and reputable medium nearby. I do not see a necessity for it. I am quite happy to make mental contact with my mother or my husband for instance and to send them a greeting or a thank-you or a blessing that way. But I can accept the things this man from Wales does. Particularly tragic cases do eventuate at times. I know a woman who completely lost her grip on reality after the suicide of her young son and for a long time could not find peace. She spent half the nights at the cemetery. I found what she told me devastating. This lasted until an opportunity presented itself where she could experience the things that I have just been talking about in regards to Paul Meek. She could experience, and this a number of times, that her son lived on and that he could live a meaningful life “over there”. She told me that this had decidedly helped her to find her way back to a normal life. I believe that the things Paul Meek and other psychically gifted people can do and offer in this respect can be a blessing in a case like this. To experience something like this can help us free ourselves from our purely materialistic mental habits. There seem to be a greater number of people in other countries, like for instance England, that are open in regards to the supernatural. As Paul Meek writes, people there seem to be able to deal with death somewhat “easier”. Are you shocked by the things that you have just read here? It is what I meant when I said “alien and unfamiliar” at the beginning. Stop reading for a while! Allow yourself a break, because you will be confronted with more alien and unfamiliar things. You can also give me a call!