The all-important Why

21 Paul turned his special gift into a career later. But he utilised his singing voice to earn money and to hold his head above water. He sang for years, amongst other places, in the opera choir at the Bayreuth Festival and he soon took up residence in Munich (From 1992), where he was in turn also made welcome with his psychic abilities. It was and it is his special gift to establish “contact with the hereafter”. According to English examples, he held so-called “sittings”, ergo meeting with grieving relatives of the deceased. He was for instance able to say: “I see a man behind you who puts his hand on your shoulder and who is lovingly looking at you. I receive the thought that it could be your husband. I recognise that he died in November from lung cancer. His birthday was in May. He was an ardent angler. He would like to say something to you…” These few words alone allowed the widow to recognise that it was indeed her husband that Paul saw. She recognised on hand of this that her husband lived on and this in itself was a comfort and a reassurance for her. One has apparently better understood in England that a lot of suffering and desperation can be avoided when the mourning relatives can recognise and experience that the deceased do actually continue to live, but as a soul in an otherworldly body in this otherworldly world. One also holds opinion there that it can be extremely beneficial if one can ask for forgiveness and receive forgiveness after the separation through death, ergo when something unexpressed can still be uttered so that peace can reign on both sides. Paul Meek was seen on German speaking television for many years. If you are connected to the internet, you can enter “paulmeek youtube” into your search engine. You can then become acquainted with this friendly Welshman and see how he verifies his clairvoyance and his psychic abilities to a group of people and this in a way that has been demonstrated in England for a long time. *