The all-important Why

20 Special talents Life went on and it was filled with school, choir singing, visits to the Church, helping his mother and now also practicing on the piano. Singing lessons were added and he earned the money to pay for them with babysitting. His clairvoyance was talked about. Many people in Wales believed in such a gift, in “second sight” in those days. Adults sometimes came to see him to ask him in all seriousness whether he had a “message” for them. And he simply voiced the things that “came through” in images, words and feelings. Dear reader, you might have noticed: This was more than “clairvoyance”. This young boy wasn’t just clairvoyant, but also “psychic”, because he was able to receive and pass on messages on the side. He was a channel between the hereafter and the here and now. And he accepted this. He didn’t give it much thought, because he had already noticed that he was “different”. He was rather pleased to be able to do people a favour. When he turned 14, he got to know a different Church, the “Spiritualist Church”. It didn’t look much different from a shed on the outside. But he met people here that were like him: Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and psychic. He immediately felt at home there, well looked after and above everything, understood. The “Spiritualist Church” is a Church that was established and is recognised in England, but it must be financed and maintained by its members. Young Paul found himself attracted to this Church to an even higher degree. One immediately recognised his eminent psychic gift there and they carefully and lovingly encouraged him. I only want to touch upon the following briefly. Paul received a grant and he was able to study singing and playing the piano in London, something he had so dearly wished for. At the same time, he trained to become a “medium” according to English traditions. He gradually turned into a “channel” between the here and now and the hereafter and was able to help people. These were very emotional and educational years. England seems to have more people that are drawn towards the “supernatural” than Germany. More people seemed to be open to the things there that we here only acknowledge with great scepsis; namely that a connection between the here and now and the hereafter is possible and that is can be beneficial.