The all-important Why

18 felt that he was in heaven. But he was then told that he could not remain and that he had to return to his body. “There are still tasks waiting for you there.” He was not aware at that time that he had just had a “near-death experience”. All he knew was that he had been “to heaven”. I will write more about this later. In this clinic, he was isolated in a small room for many, many weeks (we would say these days that he was in strict quarantine) and he slept a lot. Everybody there was very nice to him, but in spite of all the care: He just didn’t get better. He thought over again that to return to his body must have been a mistake. It was much more beautiful in “heaven”. What was he doing on Earth? There were only problems, adversity and pain here. But he also experienced something exhilarating during his time of isolation: Was he dreaming or was it his clairvoyance? Children from all over the world were often in his room and they played and danced. This gave him something to laugh about. And an American Indian came to him almost every day, he was a glorious sight in his magnificent feather headdress, he stayed and held his hands over the body of the little boy. Was he healing him? None of the other could see him. But Paul lacked a genuine will to live. This lasted until his parents told him one day during a visit: “Your grandmother was able to buy a used piano for a good price. It is already set up in our home!” Life returned to the youngster and it didn’t take long after that that he could go home.